2010 was probably one of those years that Matt Lemoine would probably rather forget, with an excess of crashes, a little too much time spent on the side of the track pushing a bike back to the pits before the checkered flag, and little to show for all the work.


But he's on his own program for 2011, back on a Kawasaki, and looking to surprise some people when the Supercross East series kicks off in Houston next February.

So what were some of the high and low points of 2010?

I got sixth in Dallas, and a few top tens in Supercross and outdoors, but I also had a good bit of bike problems and some bad luck, too.

Okay, how many events from the past season would you like to do over? Or would you just re-do the whole thing?

Ha! It would be good honeslty to just re-do the whole season I think everything happens for a reason, but at this point I'm just ready for the new season.

Where do you feel like you're at in your career now?

Well, I'm doing my own deal this year, but at the same time it'll make it that much sweeter to just start from nothing and work to make it to the best teams there are, or who knows? Maybe I'll keep doing my own team and make it into something big someday.


We see you're back on a Kawasaki. How'd that come about?

You know, just back to basics and what I grew up on and the people that have stuck with me through all the ups and downs. I really love the bikes and I'm super excited to see what I can bring.

Tell us about the team...any teammates?

No teammates as of yet, but it depends what kind of support and everything that we can come up with. We might look to put another rider on the team somewhere down the road.

So are you racing East or West?

East coast.

What are you doing to prep for 2011? Have you changed up anything in your program?

Everything's changed, and I think the motivation is way better now. Just from working from the bottom all over again, but i think it's for the best and just ride like i can.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?

Supercross for sure. I love the races and just racing in front of all the friends and family in the new stadiums. And just putting my Moto Extreme Kawasaki on the box this year.


What else have you been up to? Anything interesting that we should know about?

I just started to train a lot earlier than normal, and have been testing. I went snowboarding with the Novik glove guys, which was a pretty awesome time. I've also been spending time with the family in Louisiana for Thanksgiving. Also pretty much riding a lot with Tommy Hahn and Wil, and I'm pretty stoked on that.

Who would you like to thank?

Moto Extreme Kawasaki, Skullcandy, Whynatte Latte, Moose Racing, Shoei helmets, Silkolene, Novik gloves, DVS shoes, Young and Reckless, QTM wheels, Hansens and Associates, Speed Graffix, FMF, Renthal, Ride Engineering, Dunlop, Oak Hill MX Park and Tommy and Wil Hahn.

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