First Look: New Alpinestars Tech 10 and Off-Road Gear 3

The legendary Tech 10 Motocross Boot gets a hinge and even more protection features while losing more than a pound per pair.

First Look: New Alpinestars Tech 10 and Off-Road Gear


On the short list of premier motocross boots Alpinestars Tech 10 has been pretty dominant since its introduction to the sport. Over the years it has seen a few minor changes including a buckle upgrade that let us leave the baseball bat at home.

On A Diet

The new Tech 10 is all new, using all of the same technology and overall thought process that the previous models had, but adding and upgrading everything from the outsole to booty to the pivot system and buckles. Probably the biggest news is that the new Tech 10 is lighter by 1.27 lbs (size 10) than the previous boot, which was one of the only universal complaints about the old Tech 10.

Don’t Call It A Hinge


The second biggest news is that there is an external “multi-link” double pivot motion control system, which is a fancy way of saying it has a hinged ankle that isn’t quite a hinge. It still has a booty that was also updated and the new "hinge" on the outside of the boot is said to work in conjunction with the dual pivoting internal booty hinge system. It isn’t exactly the same as what’s on the Tech 7, but it is very similar.

EPS In The Heel


The injection molded foot chassis is has been updated with an even slimmer toe box it retains the rear blade system that keeps your ankle from hyperextending. In that new foot chassis is a new material in the heel that hasn’t been seen in motocross boots available to the public - EPS foam. Designed to crush on impact just like a helmet liner does, the EPS foam insert is replaceable (by Astars, not at home) if you do have an ejected-from-the-bike get-off where you land feet first from a jump. Just walking around, dabbing a foot, normal tip overs, and normal riding will not affect the foam. It is there only there and will only work when a substantial force is applied.

If you are skeptical of the technology, Alpinestars has been using this set up in pro’s boots for years. There is no word on how much a replacement will cost or how long it will take, but, again, this is for gnarly, feet-first landings that, hopefully, aren’t happening that often. If they are happening to you enough for there to be a concern about multiple replacements, you might want to rethink your riding habits.

Front Frame Fanciness


On the previous model Tech 10, between the bottom and middle buckle, there wasn’t anything between them other than soft leather material. Now Astars put in a “framework” that connects the plastic structure of the lower section with the plastic structure of the top section that is to better protect against hyperflexion. Basically, it is a mechanical lock-out that won’t let the tip of your boot get too close to your shin.

We are super stoked that the boots are lighter and all the other features seem like the new Tech 10 will be even safer and ready for when your bike and track don’t get along. Alpinestars says they are available now but the physical boots haven’t made it to the US yet. Lastly, major kudos to Astars for keeping the price the same as the previous boots - $599.95.

Venture Off-Road Gear

It doesn’t look like Alpinestars is trying to take on Klim or other off-road only gear brands, but it is offering two new jackets, a jersey, a pant, and off-road specific protection for the hard-core trail riders out there. Previously, there has only been strictly moto, ADV, and street but nothing off-road specific.

Venture R Jacket

Based on the ripstop chassis, we’d say this jacket is more for the aggressive dual-sport rider who rides his or her EXC-F mostly off-road, but wants some legit abrasion resistance for those high speed asphalt sections.Session Race Jacket

Lighter and less burly, the Session jacket looks to be aimed at the off-road rider or racer who wants maximum performance but will be riding in some cold and crappy weather. Both the Sessions and Venture R jackets have removable sleaves.

Venture R Jersey and Pant

As you would expect, these are more durable, water-resistant versions of moto gear. There is no over-the-boot option for the pants and they only feature zippered vents, not pockets.
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