Hey, are you looking for some tips to improve your Bike Check photos? After checking out some of your submissions, we've got a few ideas.

1. Watch Your Backgrounds
Whether it's for bike photos or riding shots, keep an eye on the subject, but don't forget what's happening in the background. Things to avoid? Messy garages, weeds, phone lines, and miscellaneous junk. You don't want people to be distracted by what's happening outside of your subject. Examples?

Good. Nice and clean.

Not-So-Good. Get the idea? Awesome bikes, but distracting backgrounds.

Exception. Yeah, there's some distraction here, but in this case, it almost adds to the story. Call it historical value.

2. Lower Your Perspective
Just like any photographer of children will tell you, you need to get down to their level.




3. Camera Check
Sure, nearly everyone shoots a ton of photos with their mobile phones these days, but it's immediately obvious when someone's using a higher quality camera. More clarity and less depth of field result in more emphasis on the bike, and a solid focus on the subject.

4. Get Creative
Don't have high-end gear to play with? That's okay, you can still crop and edit your photos to add some creativity. There's an app for that.

Don't feel like editing so that it looks like the flavor of the month? Try something else. Parking your bike in the living room? That's creative. It may not score points with the wife, but it is creative.

5. Add Variety
Don't be shy. Don't forget the detail shots, and riding shots. You can add as many as you want to each Bike Check (the highest we've seen for one check is 153 photos), and then click and drag the photos to change the order.

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