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We are a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about outdoor life, extreme sports and motorcycle riding. Some of us have worked in the motorcycle industry for many years and acquired solid personal experience and broad knowledge. The others have worked in the sports industry. We love being able to help others and are happy to share our knowledge. Service is a key word for us and quality is a matter of course that we constantly strive for 100% in our work.

We work to locate and buy up spare parts stocks of parts for older motorcycle models and vehicles, Thanks to a long and wide cooperation with our partners around the world, we can offer special parts that have stopped being manufactured a long time ago and are difficult to find get hold of today. We address all motorcycle enthusiasts, both private and commercial, as well as collectors.

Some makes and models that we work with are: HONDA CR 125-500cc 2stroke / KAWASAKI KX 125-500cc 2stroke / MAICO 250-300-500-620-700cc 2stroke.

The company is an importer and has a number of its own agencies in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland) and parts of Europe for brands that we distributed to the end consumers via dealers and sales agents.

The subsidiary SplashWaterSportEurope are distributors for all types of water sports equipment.

We also build the Swedish developed motorcycle brand (DVARDALA) in a smaller production serie!

"We love what we do and can't or won't imagine doing anything else..."

For more information, welcome to visit our website: www.tswmotorsport.se

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