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Does any body know of any supercross tracks in the mid to southern california area that will be dry enough to ride in the next few days possibly even Las Vegas. If nobody knows of anything we are eastbound to texas in the morning. Thanks, Gregg Albertson ... more »

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The truth is our sport is nothing like nascar. Only racers and people already involved in MX are watching these videos and looking at motoboards. Only very very few people are ignorant enough not to see the parody in this video or other goon riding videos. ... more »

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I agree! Thats why Jimmy Albertson doesnt wear a leatt. 3 collarbone breaks in 4 months while wearing a leatt. The evs brace flexes and has broader shoulder fittings that dont rest directly on your collarbone.

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Well one of the riders is jeff alessi....I am guessing. Sounds like a warthog/mdk deal

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They ran the second 450 moto in the dark. Very dangerous!! I was just glad to see no one got hurt.

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I used to love hawk point. I remember having some good battles with Max Friese and Jimmy at that track for second place in the supermini class at the missouri state races! Adam Young was always way out front smoking our asses!

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Its tough out there this year with teams folding and the economy being so shitty! There are going to be a lot of great riders riding for free! (Butler Bros is going to have alot of riders to choose from) So all the good riders 8-20th unfortunatly will ... more »

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Dont be ignorant! The guy is a champion! You hear the bench racers complain about riders not wanting to race with injuries. People Speculating that riders fake injuries....Then i read dumb things like this when riders are returning from injury and dealing ... more »

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Great post! Agreed 100%. Zycki11 I will sell you a leatt for 200 plus shipping.

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I have been watching the top lites riders the last few weeks. Jlaw is fast but he will not podium GH. Thats a fact.

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Another southwick specialist.