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Ivan Tedesco

neither on the gray one

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Blake Wharton and Ryan Dungey

nice dungey

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Yep, this guy would like to have a F1-like series. MX1... F1... same idea. But I'm not sure why that would be so bad, I think Formula 1 is the most professional motorsport series out there, so why don't take some of that to MX englishman?

Yes, there is a big difference: you can buy an MX bike in any local shop, go to the race and get a top 10 on any championship on this planet if you are talented enough, not so on car racing, so I think there's got to be a chance for everyone to qualify like the AMA does, not like Luongo says, but besides that, what's wrong with a real world-wide series, professional teams, better salaries, and all that stuff?

About 450s, I love those, but everyone knows 450cc is too much, heard about the KTM 350?

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Villo's not working!

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