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Calipers are the most common part across like every bike, with the exception of KTM. With the proper carrier bracket i'm confident that 99% of calipers from any bike will fit another bike. It looks like you installed the forks on an older 2 stroke. I ... more »

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I've got probably close to 1000 hours on various stock and ported/modified 125 and 250 two strokes over the years using wiseco. Never once had a problem. Warm the bike up properly and check ring end gap. The three different engine builders i've worked ... more »

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they dump incentives every single spring. it should be pretty well known a bike will be 1000-1500$ cheaper in march than it will be in august when it drops. I've always bought out of state and paid cash in march for this reason, but we also cant ride ... more »

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used To run 100LL in a yz250 with some head work to fix the squish band and didn’t totally bring all the volume back and it worked well. At 4.25$/gal it was easy to swollow burning 4 gallons of fuel on a practice day. After having cylinder ported and ... more »

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Stock valving to my knowledge and had a fresh service on it when was purchased from me 👍

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I love this Westinghouse. Probably ran it 80 hours over 4 days at unadilla (No AC on in camper most of time, was warm out) on like 6 gallons of fuel. The predator 3500 or whatever doesn’t have the camper style 30amp 110V connector like the Westinghouse/Cummins ... more »

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The 2019 kx450 stock fork is larger internals than this kit fork. This is a nice kit fork for certain but would be a step backwards in potential performance from the stock 19/20 kx450. This would be an upgrade for certain for any 11-19 showa sff equipped ... more »

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Take a look at the Westinghouse iGen4500 I mentioned a few posts back. It’s what I bought, twice the output of a Honda 2000eui and only 950$ shipped to the door. And, when you look it up, you will see that it’s a carbon copy of the Westinghouse. Who ... more »

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Westinghouse iGen4500. 3700 running 4500 start up. Remote start, electric start, eco mode. Display facia with hour meter, run time remaining, load, ect. 950 bucks shipped to my door and quieter than the harbor freight plus a better warranty. Also has ... more »

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Mechanical engineering degree, did a few years of engine system testing, now manage a Dyno lab while still doing some testing here and there at a larger Tier 1 OE supplier.

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What was the ring end gap set to?

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The casting mold would probably be way to expensive to have a specific mold JUST for a WE low volume bike.

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Age of bike doesn’t matter. Fresh VP T2 will run fine in it, but you will need to increase the main a size or two. I’m assuming it’s T2 your talking about since it’s already pre mixed. If it sits in the of the bike for a period of time it’ll lose its ... more »

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99% of the people I see that are upset with the student loan debt they've accrued stems from a few poor choices. Sorry if this offends anyone. 1) Not attending a local community college for 2 years, going straight to a four year university. 2) Paying ... more »

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A friend of mine ran the stock one under the seat, and then he used the two wires needed for a kill switch on an older style like you’re doing.

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Looks like a set of 08-10 era 49mm showa a kit forks with what appear to be billet lugs that somebody bead blasted with heavy media removing the tooling marks?

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Thanks but I’ll pass on them at retail price, no idea how old they are or if they sat in someone’s trailer getting hot and cold, or in the sun. Yes they’re sealed but that doesn’t mean it keeps forever.

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I picked up a drum of T2 last week, but I’ll bite. How much do you want per UNOPENED pale, and how many do you have?

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Weird, hadn’t realized they were different from X models. Thanks for the info 👍