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Harris is a clown, and while some of his work may (???) be decent, his customer service is pathetic, his attitude is worse, and the "95% complete" cylinder I have sitting on the shelf as a paper weight that "I could copy as a blue print of his work and ... more »

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If you're on VitalMX you're probably a dirt bike goober like most of us. Stop looking at couches with high horsepower that are essentially small jet boats, and buy a stand up ski. Pick up a cheap 650SX or something first for 1500$, and then move forward ... more »

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Stand up Jetski's in the summer if not riding Moto. Snowmobiles in the winter. More hobbies never hurt anyone

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Find a Vital Bro in Baton Rouge area. Tell the buyer you will ship the bike to the Vital Broski in Baton Rouge. He can go pick the bike up from the baton rouge broski, and hand him over 5800 in cash. Vital broski can keep 100 bucks for his trouble, and ... more »

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Hopefully it ends up in a good home, and not somebody who's going to flip it. You're low on your price. 2500$ is the going rate for a decent stock/unmolested up 92-93 750SX. This August in NY I let a 93 750SX in similar condition go for 2500$, was gone ... more »

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Probably a bad time to be looking for used equipment since everybody is home and a lot of places have no gyms open. But keep your eyes peeled. Most people want almost new prices for Concept 2's. I bought a concept 2 used after a month or two of searching ... more »

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Could always try Synergeering, they do nylon impregnated if I remember correctly. We've had entire engine covers printed this way for development work.

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Yeah. Thermo, and Fluids 1 were both done in community college. Spent 5 semesters in community college, first one was just general stuff as I didnt know what I wanted to do. Took a semester off, and then started in January at 4 year school. Everything ... more »

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I lucked out. Loaded up in Community college. Spent 3 semesters (1.5 yrs) rather than 4 semesters (2 full years) at four year university to finish bachelors. This isnt the norm and I suspect there was some paperwork issues that got looked over, as half ... more »

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Mech Engineering degree, what I found was that most jobs in powersports related back to CA which is somewhere I knew I did not want to live. I also didnt really want to make my motorcycle hobby a career. Get into something close to your passion but not ... more »

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I have a TMR built yz250 that’s spec’d for C12. Was paying 10.25/gal for c12. Ended up buying a drum of T2 for 600, comes out to 11.x/gal, and I don’t have to mix oil in. It’s oxygenated so a little more power for my Vet self that probably doesn’t need ... more »

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I've got a showa a kit body / bladder / bladder cap i'll let go cheap. 150 bucks shipped.

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I put an old junk sink I got from FB marketplace for 10$ in my bench, same end as the vice. Nice for forks and shocks and just spraying shiz off without having to clean it up after.

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weird - the 19 kx450's are like absurdly quiet in stock trim. Mine sounds like a sewing machine stock next to two boeing 747's running when friends bikes are near with an FMF / PC pipe.

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If it’s anything like the 19 kx450 was, the OEM one that came on the 16-18 bolted right up to the 19.

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Would help to also see the fork caps

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Aerated oil does not lubricate well......

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Soft x20 Bridgestone up front and generally am X30 for the Rocky hard pack of NY. Will run an X20 rear on any track with good dirt.

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The clamp are 22mm offset?

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I will give you 3300$ for this item if its in the condition you describe. However, I will need to send via money order. I will arrange shipper as I am overseas. Please let me know when to arrange shipper.