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compared to U4.4 is ex02 if I remember correctly. Its leaded, high octane, very high oxy content. Its all ethanol based oxygen in the sunoco oxygenated fuels.

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T4 is indeed oxygenated. im anywhere from 4-8% richer across the board with it via the FI mapping. Not sure why its touted as a pour in replacement, the stoich is almost as far from pump fuel as u4.4's stoich that comes with a 10% enrichment suggestion ... more »

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20 shock is shorter, you could always internally shorten shock thats not a huge issue. I am not sure on ohlins, but I know on previous 18 older works/kit showa shock bodies, the cross over is larger going from body to reservoir and wont quite clear the ... more »

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You're making to much sense, and using too much fact. People will still be looking to dump the production 49mm forks off the KX / CRF / RMZ and replacement them with A kit forks from 2010

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Bought an 809cc skidoo Mach z triple last week more for the sound than anything. They are dinasours compared to the new DI/PFI two strokes but none the less it’s a blast on flat stuff. I am fairly certain skidoo earns Credits with the etec 2 stroke engine ... more »

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Good way to kill the rest of the engine. Over fill it - likely large increase in aeration.

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Too long , as in, need to shorten the shaft? Because I just have a body from that era. I used the clevis/shaft/ ect for another shock. An adjustable seal head might get you there.

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Any idea if a 06-18 era kx four stroke a kit body fits?

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Cross over from the body to the reservoir - It hits the shock mount. You COULD clearance the mount slightly, its not a load bearing direction IMO. What many are doing (including myself) is just utilizing the A kit shaft /clevis / piston / and teh A kit ... more »

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I'll cover shipping, and 50 bucks. 25 for your time to ask for it, and 25 for your time to drop it off at USPS. Have a friend thats a Die hard who would LOVE to have this.

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sounds to me like a floating rotor, with worn out rivets. The slop is in the rivets - Caliper grabs disc, however hub (and thus the wheel) can still rotate slightly forward/backwards due to the large rivets having a bunch of slop in them.

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Specifically the 2019 CRF450 cylinder is a production works caliper essentially with dual piston sizes. 2019 250F did not have it to my knowledge, and 2018 an older did not have it either. I looked into purchasing one to try rather than a 500$ billet ... more »

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I’ve done the same as db97 however I’m running the comp adjuster from the works shock as well. I don’t know about an ohlins you’d really have to try and fit it. The 18 and older showa a kit shock will JUST about fit in the 19+, with a smidge of clearance ... more »

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Why not buy a set of 19 kx450 forks? Same or better internals than 90% of the a kits for sale. And doesn’t carry the bend over because it was fancy 10 years ago when new price tag.

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T4 is unleaded, and the R+M / 2 is lower than that of T2, as it was designed for 4 strokes which generally require much lower octane ratings than the two stroke counter parts with performance work done. The cost is the same between T2 and T4 , so why ... more »

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I’m with slip dog. The SKF offer a hair less friction at the cost of Less clamp load on the tube. People rave about them but I’ve had the same experience every time I’ve tried using them as slip dog. I have seen more pivot works junk bushings that don’t ... more »

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I’m running in a YZ250. Up 2 main jet sizes from where I was on straight C12. Runs good

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Oh more pressure, even better!

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Lemme know how it goes when that shock blows the seal head or bladder cap out with a measly 130 pounds of pressure. This should win vital comment of the day

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Tom Morgan. Do your due diligence prior to sending anything to HP 👍