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Very inspiring David! I have been contemplating my future in this sport that I love and wondering if the risk is worth the reward. I will never advance past the 30 C class and I'm more than ok with that. The joy you get from racing with your friends at the local track is like no other but, as we all get on in years and realize this will never pay the bills, you start to look for an exit strategy. With all of the injuries we hear about and see weekly at the track or on-line you start to wonder if today is your day. We all know that as soon as you start to lose confidence or focus that is when you go down. I love to see the kids out there wearing the best protection the industry has to offer and it surprises me when I see their dad's go out with minimal equipment. It's not just the kids who need to be wearing the best in safety equipment, but the parents who insist on it as well. None of us are above the get-off that could change our lives forever. So as I sit and contemplate this sport I love so much it gives me peace of mind to know that people like you are pushing those of us that still have our "necks" on the line to "Stand for Something". Great video, I'll be getting one as soon as they are off of back-order. Thanks again David

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