Doctor Explains Ken Roczen's Arm Injuries 3

Dr. Chris Raynor: Doctor explains the Ken Roczen arm injury today on the Dr. Chris Raynor channel. He talks about his TWO brutal motocross crashes and subsequent arm injuries as part of his "doctor explains sport injuries" series. Ken is a professional motocross rider who is proof and motivation that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Dr. Chris Raynor has been a practicing orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician for over ten years. He is on staff at the Cornwall Community Hospital and the Ottawa University Sports Medicine Clinic. He also owns his own integrated healthcare facility in Ottawa, Ontario called Human 2.0 which is all about preventative medicine and injury prevention, and where they take an active approach to medicine and rehabilitation, servicing patients from injury to wellness and beyond.

Credit: Dr. Chris Raynor
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