Alpinestars 2024 SM5 Solid Helmet



Alpinestars 2024 SM5 Solid Helmet
Lightweight outer shell is constructed from a technologically advanced impact resistant thermoplastic in three anatomical shell sizes, plus three individual EPS inner liner sizes with a combination of inner lining and cheek padding to offer 6 unique sizes and to ensure the best fitment and protection.
Black Matte, White Glossy
XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
• An engineered raised area with padding effectively reduces the forces transmitted to the collarbone and a patented visor release system that ensures the visor is released with the correct pre-determined amount of force, irrespective of the angle of impact.
• Multiple density inner liner to ensure the correct density in the correct area for enhanced impact absorption.
• Redesigned chin bar’s new profile, where the base area has been specifically sculpted to give a relief section, raised to clear the collarbone, with a new softer EPS liner which extends beyond the helmet shell itself, and is covered by a more flexible rubber compound providing a reduced chance of any sort of collarbone injury.
• Maximized ventilation and high levels of heat transfer exchange thanks to multi-air inlets and exhaust ports.
• The ECE version of the SM5 helmet weighs 1,350 grams for a size medium, and 1420 grams for the ECE DOT version with shield.
• The visor has been designed to direct air into the ports for enhanced airflow.
• The SM5 is available in 2 versions ECE R 22.06 and ECE R 22.06/DOT.
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