ProTaper Clamp-On Full Diamond Grip



ProTaper Clamp-On Full Diamond Grip
Dual Compound Technology for comfort and durability
• Clamp-On Grip System offers the comfort and control of traditional grips with the added advantage of quick, effortless, easy-on and easy-off installation
• Design eliminates the need for glue and tie-wire, yet ensures durable, slip-free performance
• Low-profile CNC-machined aluminum clamp
• Super-slim clutch-side windowed core design not only minimizes the outer grip diameter to reduce arm pump, but also delivers critical relief areas for the palm and fingertips
• Increased impact and vibration damping over solid-core designs, leading to improved rider comfort and control
• Extra-supple, tacky compound that is seamlessly molded to the inner core provides maximum comfort and traction while alleviating palm abrasions and blistering
• A firmer compound is used in the flange and end cap areas to resist crash damage and reduce wear
• Includes seven interchangeable throttle cams for most 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke motocross models
• Colors: Dark Grey/Neon Pink, Dark Grey/Neon Yellow, Dark Grey/White, Grey, Dark Grey/Red, Black, Dark Grey/Neon Blue, Dark Grey/Blue, Dark Grey/Black
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