Cruztools Cruz Tools Dmx2 Fender Mount Tool Kit

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Product Cruztools Cruz Tools Dmx2 Fender Mount Tool Kit
Miscellaneous Everyone loves the CruzTOOLS DMX1 Fanny Pack Tool Kit. Well, almost everyone, because some riders just don't want to wear a fanny pack. CruzTOOLS heard you loud and clear, and put together the ultimate fender-mounted tool kit. It's essentially the same contents as the DMX1, except they substituted their personal favorite Mini T-driver and socket set for the PackWrench. Includes fender mount and rain fly. Not recommended for competition or aggressive riders.The CruzTOOLS DMX2 Fender Mount Tool Kit contains:10 mm combination wrench.12 mm combination wrench.8, 10, 12, and 13 mm sockets (1/4 drive).8 adjustable wrench.T-handle - 1/4 drive Mini T-driver.Hex key set (4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm).5-in-1 screwdriver.2 spark plug sockets (5/8 (16 mm) and 13/16).Locking pliers.Electrical tape.Cable ties (5x).Mechanic's wire.Tire pressure gauge.Tire levers (2 x 190 mm).Shop towel.Zippered, fender-mountable nylon pouch (7 x 11 folded).Overall weight: 4.5 pounds (approximate).
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