BikeMaster Heli Coil Kit



BikeMaster Heli Coil Kit
BikeMaster Heli-Coil Kit Stripped thread is something nobody is proud of but something everyone has done. BikeMaster's Heli-Coil Kit allows you to replace those damaged threads with new ones. No need to get a new part which can cost hundreds of dollars just put a heli-coil in it and it's as good as new. This kit is extra user friendly, it has a ratchet T-Wrench that allows you to apply equal torque throughout the tapping process. A HeliCoil Thread Repair Kit belongs in any serious mechanics tool will pay for itself over and over again.Save money and maybe a critical part! Can save the day when a thread strips or is pulled out Kit comes complete with 2 high speed steel drill bits for M8 and M6 holes 2 HSS taps (with guides) in the most popular M8 x 1.25 and M6 x 10 sizes Features Helical coil inserter tools, Helical coil tab removers, ratchet T-wrench to use with the taps and Helical tools 3 different lengths of M6 and 2 different lengths M8 Helical Coils All in a convenient plastic carrying case
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