IRC Enduro Ve33 Rear Tire

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Product IRC Enduro Ve33 Rear Tire
Miscellaneous For use in enduro conditions Enduro tires for small and medium singles Provide grip performance for all surfaces by using optimum rubber compound Dimpled knobs for extra gripping power Puncture resistant casings Built especially for competition, pair with IRC Enduro VE35 front tire for a perfect combination This dirt bike tire is tube typeAvailable in the following motorcycle tire sizes: 4.60-17, 5.10-17, 100/100-17, 110/100-17, 5.10-18, 110/100-18, 100/90-19, 110/90-19 Fits vehicles:2006 SUZUKI RM 250;2006 KAWASAKI KX 250;2005 YAMAHA YZ 250F;2005 YAMAHA YZ 450F;2006 HONDA CR 250R;2005 YAMAHA YZ 250;2006 HONDA CRF 450R;2006 HUSQVARNA TC 510;2006 KAWASAKI KX 250F;2006 KTM SX 250;2006 KTM SX 525;2005 SUZUKI RM 250;2006 SUZUKI RM 250 RICKY CARMICHAEL LIMITED EDITION;2005 HUSQVARNA TC 510;2006 YAMAHA YZ 250;2006 YAMAHA YZ 250F 50TH ANNIVERSARY;2006 SUZUKI RM 125;2004 YAMAHA YZ 450F;2006 YAMAHA YZ 250F;2004 KAWASAKI KX 250F;2010 SUZUKI RM-Z 450;2004 KAWASAKI KX 500;2004 KTM SX 250;2004 KTM SX 525 RACING;2005 KAWASAKI KX 250F;2004 YAMAHA YZ 250;2005 SUZUKI RM 125;2005 HONDA CR 250R;2005 HONDA CRF 450R;2005 KAWASAKI KX 250;2004 KAWASAKI KX 250;2005 KTM SX RACING 450;2005 KTM SX 250;2005 KTM SX 525 RACING;2004 KTM SXC 625;2009 HUSQVARNA TC 510;2010 KTM SX 250;2008 KTM SX 505 F;2008 SUZUKI RM 250;2008 YAMAHA YZ 250;2009 APRILIA MXV 450;2010 YAMAHA YZ 250;2008 KTM SX 250;1991 KAWASAKI KX 250H2;2008 HUSQVARNA TC 510;2009 KTM SX 250;2009 KTM SX 450 F;2009 YAMAHA YZ 250;2009 YA
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