Bridgestone Tw42 Rear Tire

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Product Bridgestone Tw42 Rear Tire
Miscellaneous 4 ply Designed primarily for dual sport use Self cleaning tread blocks still give a traction edge for muddy and loose terrains Special dimpled tread pattern means many edges, which helps maximize traction Provides balanced highway and offroad performance Tube type D.O.T. approved Fits vehicles:2009 KAWASAKI KLR 650;2000 KAWASAKI KL 650A14 KLR 650;2006 KAWASAKI KLR 650;2001 KAWASAKI KL 650A15 KLR 650;2003 KAWASAKI KL 650A17 KLR 650;2004 KAWASAKI KLR 650;1999 KAWASAKI KL 650A13 KLR 650;2005 KAWASAKI KLR 650;2006 TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER;2007 KAWASAKI KLR 650;2007 TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER;2008 TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER;2009 TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER;2010 KAWASAKI KLR 650;1992 KAWASAKI KL 650A6 KLR;1998 KAWASAKI KL 650A12 KLR 650;2008 KAWASAKI KLR 650;1986 KAWASAKI KL 600B2;1994 KAWASAKI KL 650A8 KLR;1997 KAWASAKI KL 650A11 KLR 650;1985 SUZUKI SP 600F;1988 KAWASAKI KL 650A2 KLR;1989 HONDA XL 600VK TRANSALP;1989 KAWASAKI KL 650A3 KLR;1990 HONDA XL 600V TRANSALP;1990 KAWASAKI KL 650A4 KLR;1995 KAWASAKI KL 650A9 KLR;1991 KAWASAKI KL 650A5 KLR;1993 KAWASAKI KL 650A7 KLR;1985 KAWASAKI KL 600B1;1994 KAWASAKI KLX 650C2/650;1990 KAWASAKI KL 650B2 TENGAI;1995 KAWASAKI KLX 650C3;
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