Risk Racing Holeshot Practice Gate

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Product Risk Racing Holeshot Practice Gate
Miscellaneous Most races are won and lost at the drop of the gate, so perfecting your starting technique is key to any MX racer who wants to be on the podium Improve your reaction time and learn to control power out of the gate and into the first corner The Holeshot is an electronic, wireless, random timed, practice starting gate Allows riders to independently practice their starts When rider presses the wireless remote button mounted on their crossbar pad, it will activate a computer controlled timing sequence witch will drop the gate randomly Watch the glowing L.E.D., when it starts blinking it is like the 30 second board turning sideways The gate will drop randomly between 1-5 seconds Resetting the gate is as easy as riding by and stepping on the backside of the hoop without dismounting Multiple gates can be electronically linked for multi-racer practice
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