Asterisk Zero G Knee Brace Pant

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Product Asterisk Zero G Knee Brace Pant
Miscellaneous Asterisk's brand new zeroG Performance Knee Brace Pant was born out of a need and solution for those who require this product in their sport. The pant envelops the knee brace, which allows it to keep the brace in place utilizing compression from the hips. The over sleeve in the pant seals the brace into the pocket with a Velcro enclosure located at thigh area. It also compresses any brace portions that may typically get caught on a moto pant. It makes it simpler to slide the pants over the knee brace as well as allowing the brace to move without restraint under the pants, while athletes are training. Additionally, the pant features a Cordura Built-in Gear Guard and Anti-Rotation Tether Slots. Compression Cooling Under Sleeve Over Sleeve Built-in Gear Guards Anti-Rotation Tether Slots Sizing: Small - 28 -29 Medium - 30 -32 Large - 33 -35 X-Large - 36 -40
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