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Knee braces are no longer items for the sport’s wealthy, elite, or injured. For the last decade, more and more knee brace options have appeared on the market, with a whole range in both quality and price. Back around 2009, PODMX hit the ground running when they first introduced the K700, an all-carbon fiber, OTF (off-the-shelf) brace with several new innovations available at a upper-mid level price ($799.95, a far cry from the +$1000 price tag of custom braces).

After the success of their first offering, PODMX set out to offer another brace with the same great features at and even more affordable price. Borrowing the same design queues as the original brace, the K300 not only matches its older sibling in fit and function, but even uses much of the same hardware as well. In fact, the only major difference between the K300 and the K700 is in the frame construction: glass-reinforced nylon versus carbon fiber.

Having worn both versions for a good number of motos, I can say that the construction truly is one of the only major differences between the two braces; fit and function are practically identical with K300 and K700.

The differences? Although I did not weigh them on a scale, the K300 does weigh a negligible amount more than it’s predecessor and the injection molded glass-reinforced nylon is also slightly thicker. However, once on the track, those subtle differences are virtually unnoticeable.

In terms of performance, the PODMX units are some of the only braces I’ve used that I feel actually give me an advantage when riding. Gripping onto the bike with my legs is not only easier, but more comfortable, and that is a huge part of the game right there. As far as protection goes, the K300’s also use the self-tracking patella guard that always remains centered over the knee cap, and the artificial ligaments in the Human Motion Hinge, which tracks the natural movement of the knee.

The numbering system on the straps helps to make sure the user were's the brace properly.

Unlike most other knee braces, there are no metal moving parts within the hinge area. This means that even over a long period of time, the PODMX’s will not be squeaking along as you walk through the pits. Some people may not be comfortable with the idea of a synthetic ligament replacing metal joints in the hinge, but in my experience, the PODMX’s design has more than proven itself through multiple get-offs.

My only major gripe with the PODMX braces is with the amount of protection above and below the knee. Occasionally, my leg will be bent at just the correct angle while going through a turn that there will be a small gap between the plastic. If my leg get’s kicked up unexpectedly, it will bang right into the bottom of my handlebars. Ouchy! However, the result has never be debilitating and I’ve never even had so much as a bruise.

The only major design difference compared to the K700 is that the K300's top and bottom straps do not have pivoting attachment points and instead loop directly through the frame itself as shown here.

One of the things that PODMX hit right on the mark is their strap system. Comfortable and with loads of adjustment, it uses a numbered system to ensure that the user is cinching the brace down properly to maximize protection. The padding system also does a great job of providing the right amount of cushion, keeping the brace in place and, thanks to the anti-bacterial material, practically eliminates any locker room-type stench.

Overall, I think the PODMX K300 is an excellent knee brace. Designed specifically for motocross, they offer high-end protection at a very affordable price.

For more information, visit www.podmx.com or www.foxracing.com.


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