RK Rk Chain Rk M 520 Standard Chain

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Product RK Rk Chain Rk M 520 Standard Chain
Miscellaneous All chains are made with Japanese steel and meet all Japanese specs Japanese quality at a lower price point Fits vehicles:1998 SUZUKI DR 350SEW;1999 HONDA XR 200RX;1999 HONDA XR 400RX;1999 KAWASAKI KDX 220A6;1999 SUZUKI DR 350SEX;2000 HONDA XR 200RY;2000 KAWASAKI KDX 200H6;2001 HONDA XR 200R1;1997 KAWASAKI KDX 220A4;2001 HONDA XR 400R1;2000 KAWASAKI KDX 220A7;1998 KAWASAKI KDX 220A5;1998 KAWASAKI KDX 200H4;1998 HONDA XR 400RW;1996 HONDA XR 200RT;1997 SUZUKI DR 350SEV;1997 HONDA XR 250RV;1996 SUZUKI DR 350SET;1996 KAWASAKI KDX 200H2;1996 HONDA XR 400RT;2001 KAWASAKI KDX 200H7;2004 KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-6RR;1998 HONDA XR 200RW;2004 KAWASAKI KDX 200;1995 KAWASAKI KDX 200H1;1997 HONDA XR 200RV;2008 KAWASAKI ZZR 600;2007 KAWASAKI ZZR 600;2006 KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-6R;2006 KAWASAKI KDX 200;2005 KAWASAKI ZZR 600;2005 KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-6R;2005 KAWASAKI KDX 200;2004 KAWASAKI KDX 220R;2004 KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-6R;2001 KAWASAKI KDX 220A8;2004 HONDA XR 400R;2003 KAWASAKI ZX 636B1 NINJA -6R;2003 KAWASAKI ZX 600K1 NINJA -6RR;2003 KAWASAKI ZX 600E11 ZZR600;2003 KAWASAKI KDX 220A10;2003 KAWASAKI KDX 200H9;2003 HONDA XR 400R3;2002 H
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