EVS Launches Nitro Circus Product Line

Nitro Circuis Option Knee/Shin Guards by EVS. Click image for a larger version.

Yep, it's that famous line, "As seen on TV." If you've seen the Nitro Circus crew in action, you know that they need their safety gear, since they're constantly making full use of it. Well, EVS has just launched a line of Nitro Circus gear...everything from Ballistic jerseys and impact shorts, to elbow and knee protectors and race collars, all emblazoned with unmistakable Nitro Circus graphics. You can see the full line here: www.evs-sports.com/product/nitro-circus/

In the meantime, here are a pair of Nitro Circus Option Guards by EVS. Both the Option Elbow pads and Option Knee/Shin guards are equipped with a Bio-foam liner and hard molded outer plastic shells, and are available in Youth and Adult sizes. They're also equipped with quick pull comfort straps, and the knee/shin guard also gets a comfort cuff at the top of the calf. There are also Nitro Circus TPR logos filling the gaps between the upper and lower molded plastic protectors on each item.

Detail of the TPR logos. Click image for a larger version.

Suggested retail for the adult elbow guards is $29.00 (and a buck less for the youth size). The adult knee/shin guard is $35.00, while the youth version is $29.00.


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