Cycra Powerflow Intake Radiator Shrouds 2

Application 2010-11 Yamaha YZF 450

The Cycra Powerflow Intake Shrouds are the next performance leap in technology for the Yamaha YZF450. These intake shrouds improve the airflow by a whooping 40% more air. This eliminates throttle lag off the bottom of the RPM range and allows the motor to run more free. This is done by increasing the volume and using our patented venturi effect scoops that pump air into the airbox.

From the racers input we have slimmed and simplified the shrouds to a clean one piece design instead of the complex two piece unit. The slimmer shrouds give the riders improved feel of the bike with a smooth outer shell.

The simpler design improves the ability to maintain the airbox with fewer fasteners and pieces while also saving weight over the stock shrouds.

Even with all these updates, most aftermarket graphics will fit the shrouds with little or no
modification. The Smooth surface makes decals easier to apply and resists pealing.

The patented Cycra Powerflow Technology dramatically reduces Radiator, Fuel Tank and Engine Head Temperatures. Cycra’s Powerflow airflow scoops bypass the radiators and deliver cool air to the cylinder heads and fuel tank. The bypass airflow around the radiators using the venturi effect that actually pulls the air from behind. This kind of technology has been only used on aircraft and formula one race cars.


•40% airflow increase to airbox

•Dramatically reduces radiator, fuel tank and cylinder head temperatures

•Slimmer than stock

•One piece shroud design

•Stronger and lighter than stock

•Made in the USA by Cycra

Optional Tank Cover one piece design slimmer and lighter than stock

*Available on the web at or by calling 1-800-770-2259


$89.95 Shroud

$19.95 Tank Cover


Cycra Racing

171 O’Neill Dr

Hebron, OH 43025



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