Acerbis X-Brake Disc Cover With Mount 1

One of the most irritating things is to have your front brake rotor bent from a rock or collision with another rider. Even worse, if you have just dropped some hard-earned cash on an Oversized rotor kit that is now useless. Sure you can try to bend them back, but getting it perfectly straight again is near impossible, or you can protect your front rotor with Acerbis' X-Brake disc cover. Their disc cover utilizes a simple design, by using a bracket that replaces your stock wheel spacer. Better yet, it even comes in five different colors and a carbon fiber version if you looking to add as little weight as possible.

Acerbis continues to produce innovative and protective aftermarket accessories with the same enthusiasm and passion as their founder had in the early years. Over 30 years of experience with the best off-road racers in the world has enriched their constant technical development, allowing them to become a premier company within the motorcycle industry.

  • Designed to keep sticks, rocks, and other debris from damaging or becoming tangled in the front rotor.
  • Features ample venting to keep the brake cool in all conditions.
  • Extended coverage also provides protection to the brake caliper.
  • Constructed of durable polypropylene.
  • Includes X-Brake disk cover and aluminum mounting bracket.
  • Note: ONLY fits stock hubs.
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