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RPM Racing Team Announces 2022 Rider Lineup

December 14, 2021 -- RPM Racing Team will be competing for wins and championships in the 2022 WORCS, AMA NGPC, AMA WHS, AMA Extreme Hard Enduro, GNCC and U.S. Sprint Enduro Series with a four (4) rider line up.

Mateo Oliveira won several WORCS 250 Pro and AMA NGPC Pro 2 races in 2021 before injury set him back in his pursuit for those championships. Oliveira will return to make good on getting both WORCS and NGPC series #1 plates in 2022.

Kaitlyn Jacobs won the 2021 AMA WHS Women’s Pro Championship and finished 2nd in both the WORCS and the NGPC series championships. Jacobs will return to continue her quest for more wins and championships with a calendar chalked full of races in 2022.

Angus Riordan, who surprised many with his speed, talent and consistency, finished 2nd in the 2021 WORCS 250 Pro Championship and battled for wins in the NGPC Series. The younger Riordan brother will shift his efforts towards the GNCC XC2 and U.S. Sprint Enduro Pro 2 championships in 2022.

Will Riordan showed tremndous promise and growth, winning the 2021 EnduroCross Junior Championship and finishing 6th in the AMA Extreme Enduro Championship. Will is set to return to compete in both series in 2022 aiming to improve against the nation's best.


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