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Coty Schock now has an outdoor ride, plus a gig for 2025, 2026, and 2027 with the Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX Yamaha team

Stability is tough to find in proffessional Supercross and Motocross, especially for the journeyman racer that isn't linked to a full factory team. Coty Schock is one such rider that knows this all too well, but finally has his shot at stability as a new contract with the Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX Yamaha team has been announced. One part is his extension to race outdoors for the team, after being on a Supercross-only deal, and the second is a three-year agreement to race for the team in 2025, 2026, and 2027. We called up Coty just hours ago to get his story. Read the interview below with the team's PR present after.

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Michael Lindsay – Vital MX: It's usually good news to announce a contract, but technically speaking, we're announcing two different deals for you. How does that feel?

Coty Schock: It's exciting to let the public know what's happening. People keep asking me what the plan is, and I have to tell them, "I'm trying to figure it out." I'm excited, and I'm where I want to be. The future is bright.

Vital MX: The ClubMX crew is announcing today that they have retained you for outdoors this year, and separately, you have signed on for the next three years. That's a big number. How did this come about?

Coty: After Indy, Brandon (Haas) and Mike (Bonacci) called me in for a meeting that I thought would be about outdoors. They asked, "What do you want? Do you want to be here?" I said, "Yeah, I want to be here." They asked, "For how long and what specifically do you want? Let's see if we can work with you." It was one of those things where I was put on the spot and didn't know how to answer. The meeting went well, and they gave me a few options. I returned and told them I wanted to do it for three years. It opened everyone's eyes to the fact that this is where I want to be and that I'm happy here. I feel we're just getting started and want to keep it going. I'm improving; their program is improving, and if we can get better together, it would be awesome. I want to be a part of ClubMX's growth within the sport. I'm ready to keep it fun and light and put in some good results.

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Vital MX: The team told me you could do what you wanted. It could have been one, two, or three years; three was your choice. As a rider, having that type of security locked in with a growing program such as ClubMX is awesome. It also takes away the ability to get an opportunity at a Star, Pro Circuit, or a team of that nature. That shows your confidence in where this can continue to go.

Coty: Absolutely. When I'm on the line with all the factory teams, I truly feel that I am not underpowered or at a disadvantage. I'm on the same equipment. No, we don't get 'factory parts,' but we can do it dang well. We're still learning, just like every other team. I wanted security, and that's huge in this sport. If you have the option, you need to do it. For me, it was a no-brainer. Originally, I was thinking about a two-year deal, but then I said, "No. Do three." You want to be able to plan for everything. I'm engaged, so with my fiancé Emily, it will be nice to have stability. I want to get to that next step in life with a wedding to plan and kids at some point, and I want to establish myself. I feel ClubMX fits that category of establishing myself and being the best version of myself. That's why I was amped to do a three-year deal, and it's very exciting. I'm ready for this to go public and for everyone to see. Some people will be surprised, but it's great news.

Vital MX: The ClubMX facility has been growing. They are always posting about the houses they are building and improvements being made. Does the three-year deal include a piece of land, a down payment on a house, or something like that? You're kind of a franchise player at this point.

Coty: No, it does not include that. (Laughs) As cool as that would be, it does not, but that is okay. 

Vital MX: okay, we're still driving for an hour and fifteen minutes each way.

Coty: Yes, we are, and that's okay.

Vital MX: For outdoors, your name has come up in conversations I've had before this announcement, and knowing for sure what you will be doing. With Adam Cianciarulo's retirement and other things, your name always gets attached to the 450s, especially with your performances in 2021. You are considered a top ten 450 guy who can get close to the top five. Most people think, "He's going to do outdoors, and he'll be on a 450." I don't think that's true. Are you racing 250s outdoors?

Coty: We are racing 250 outdoors.

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Vital MX: Did you have a choice?

Coty: Yes. They let me ride the 450 for two days, and I got pretty comfortable with it. It was a bone stock engine, and I actually had them slow it down. I went four seconds a lap faster after that. I was like, "Alright, I could do this." Then, I rode the 250 for a few days because it was an adjustment. The last time I rode a 250 outdoors was in 2017, when I was a full-blown privateer with my mom and dad. I've never ridden a factory-caliber 250. I was blown away. It changed my riding style, and there is still a learning curve, but I've always wanted to know what I could do on a 250 outdoors. Yes, I can ride a 450 very well, which I've proven numerous times, but I want to do it in the 250 class. I don't want to be known as just a great 450 rider. I want to be known as a great rider in general. I feel this is my opportunity, and I have a few years to establish myself. 

Vital MX: The 250 outdoor decision and the three-year deal go hand in hand. You and I have discussed that you needed to prove you could do it on a 250 outdoors. People know you have the skills to pay the bills on a 450, but they aren't sure about a 250. If you're put in a situation where it's one and done, it would be hard to go 250 even if it goes well in a stacked class, if it's not close to the 450 results, it could be viewed negatively. Where you know you can get results on a 450 that will continue allowing you to get a ride and impress people. With the multi-year deal, you can come in and build off of it. 

Coty: To add to that, everyone who is a privateer chooses to go 450 because it's more competitive. It's more of a separator. For teams to have a good 250 is rare. People don't realize how long it takes to develop a 250 versus a 450. In my opinion, with a 450, you can perform with a stock engine and good suspension. You can be successful. On a 250, you need the engine, suspension, and everything. It's a whole package. You can't have just one. For me, having the opportunity to be with Club, help develop the bike, and be successful outdoors for everyone on the team is special to me. I enjoy seeing the progress we make every single day.

Vital MX: Flashback to pre-2020, before you and I met and before you got a break and started this path. If you could go back and give yourself a piece of advice or a lesson you've learned, what would you tell yourself?

Coty: Less is more. You can put that in any way you want. Slowing my mind down has helped me out more than when I would rush everything. It usually doesn't end well when you rush a decision or anything in life. If you slow it down, think about it, and execute, you'll be more successful. 

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Team Press Release

CHESTERFIELD, SC – April 12, 2024: It was just a short time ago that Coty Schock was out of a ride and ClubMX took a gamble on him. He vowed at that point to repay the team with results and he has done just that. He currently sits in fifth place in the Eastern Regional Supercross Series and is a mere three points out of fourth. An amazing feat for a guy that jumped to a new team, new bike and new crew. His amiable personality endears him to the entire team and his expressions of gratitude complete the circle. Simply put, everyone wants to see him succeed and he is willing to put in the time to learn everything he can before his contract expires at the end of the SX season in May.

All of that changed as of today. Coty Schock has two new contracts with ClubMX, the first taking him full-time from 2025 for three years for Supercross and Motocross. The second is a new program to take him through motocross in 2024. There was a gap in contracts due to the fact that he was Supercross only in 2024 but the team was able to make a few moves to get him the support necessary to keep him on the team straight through.

Schock has been one of the standout performances of the year so far. He had consistent finishes at the start of the season, then a cracked collarbone in Daytona followed by a broken collarbone in Birmingham. That led to the “what are you doing here?” moment in Indy where he arrived five days post-surgery to complete a triple crown race in fifth place. If you “Google” determination on your smart phone, Schock’s photo pops up first. Much to his credit, those valuable points were worth the pain since that race was followed by a nice break in the schedule. His return to racing this weekend in Foxborough comes with one hundred percent fitness and the relief of no contract discussions for the next three years.

Team Owner, Brandon Haas: “Coty is a good person. We were able to make a spot for him just for Supercross this season and he has parlayed that into a long-term contract. I have always tried to offer opportunities to racers that show promise and could use the help and Coty falls in that category. The difference now is, he’s the real deal. He is willing to listen, learn and give feedback to improve himself, our bike and our program overall. Congratulations to him for taking advantage of the situation, it’s a good lesson to anyone trying to break into the sport.”

Schock added: “I don’t want to be anywhere else. The atmosphere is amazing, the tracks are unbelievable, and the bike is crazy good. When I’m on the line, I feel like there isn’t another bike better than mine and that shows in my performance so far. The cool thing is the team is already building for the future with more improvements in the bike and the program overall. I’m really happy to be here at this time to be a part of the next level of growth. Beyond that, thank you to the entire team for making this happen. Everyone at ClubMX has a part in my success and I’m grateful every day for the chance to be here and stay here.”

Look for Schock to line up this weekend in Foxborough to continue his consistent streak of finishes with a smile on his face, knowing the future is bright.

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