WR 250 f error code 43

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3/19/2018 8:33 AM

Hey, at the beginning I would like to apologize for my English, notwithstanding i hope that it will be possible to solve the problem.
My motocycle is Yamaha WR 250f 2017.

I have problem with engine code (43) Fuel system voltage: incorrect voltage supplied to the fuel in-jector and fuel pump.

I followed step by step with official service manual; i checked all fuses, relays and wire harness (short/open circuit) all of them is CORRECT, but error code 43 is still flashing.

Starter Relay is also fine.

The tip is, that main relay is all time working (it should not be like that), relay is all time warm and discharges the battery.

The next tip is, that the error code appeared the day after thorough cleaning.

I cleaned all plugs and corroded elements but is still the same... code 43.

I have no idea what is wrong.

Any ideas? Thanks Adam.


3/19/2018 9:38 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/19/2018 9:39 AM

Try disconnecting your battery ( both cables) and touch the positive side battery cable to ground. Must be sure both sides of the battery are disconnected. This will sometimes clear a code.
If not, then you will need to clean all electrical connections and use Dielectric grease on them.
Also check the batter load voltage as the battery may be bad.

Paw Paw


3/20/2018 7:22 AM

I cleaned all the plugs, changed the relays, checked wire harness... still flashing error code 43


3/20/2018 7:55 AM

Did you do the other things as suggested?

Paw Paw


3/20/2018 10:11 AM

problem solved, the problem was in ecu


6/19/2018 3:32 AM

Good Morning adamek_jg,

How did you fix the ecu problem?

Did you have to buy a new one, or were you able to fix it?

Thanks... and sorry for the bad english!!!


6/19/2018 4:20 AM

Hi Pigasso12.
Unfortunately, I had to buy a new ECU.


6/19/2018 4:23 AM

Thanks... the same happened here!!! :/


10/15/2019 6:24 PM

I have the exact same issue after deep cleaning my bike (2016). Did you buy stock ECU or the GYTR ECU? I can't believe that after cleaning the bike this problem arises.