Parts ordering sequence?

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1/18/2018 6:42 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/19/2018 3:57 AM


Have you ever received an order from any major parts warehouse unceremoniously protected with 4-5 "Puffy Bags" ?

So, you order F/R axles/nuts/tranny bearings/shrouds/Crank/Fork guards/Graphics/Piston/etc... All in one order.

The outfit packing "Specialist" tosses it all in one huge box, and for "Extra Protection" drops in a "Puffy Bag" or three . Your shit arrives looking shop worn.

I now break up orders to combat them. Tough bits combined with tough bits, etc. Plastics with light weight stuff, etc. Mix costs to benefit for free shipping.

Saves a ton of headache and less bashed up stuff.

Partzilla is best at packing for hard parts. Never an issue.

Just sayin'...

EDIT: Removes specific Co. reference, as all sellers are capable of poorly packed shipments.



1/18/2018 7:38 PM

I operate a 3PL warehouse which is most likely where most of these companies warehouse their product. In order to be profitable we can't hire the $15/hr worker, more like $9-$10/hr. The level of intelligence or "give a shit" for an individual who is willing to work for that wage is not on the same level as you or I. They're given X amount of minutes to fulfill the order which consists of receiving multiple "batch" orders, running through the warehouse with a cart searching for location,then SKU, then quantity. It's all thrown into the cart as quickly as possible and taken back to a sort area where it is sorted into separate orders, boxed up, processed through the ship station and placed on a pallet in either the FedEx or UPS zones according to shipping method. For warehouses with large volumes they'll be loaded onto a trailer which is picked up every night and taken to a sort/distribution center. Once it comes off of the truck/trailer at the D.C. it goes through literal hell before it arrives at your door. Since we make our money off of order fees, speed is key. The more orders we process per day, the more money we make. Some people care more than others and those are the types that you try to place at the ship station but even the ones who care don't understand that a gear puller laying on top of a plastic fender sealed in a bag is a bad idea.

You're on the right track, order hard parts with hard parts and cosmetic parts with like or soft parts. Self preservation when ordering will save both of us much frustration.


1/19/2018 1:24 AM

I ordered chain sprockets, some oem gaskets, piston, and some other things from RM last friday. im glad the heavy parts like the chain that fell out of its box didnt destroy my gaskets.

Seperating orders never even came to mind. Good idea.

I have worked in warehouses when i was just out of highschool. I drove forklifts mostly. But when i did go over by the people packing boxes, they just threw shit in there and stuffed those air bags in there without concern.


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1/19/2018 4:19 AM

reded wrote:

I operate a 3PL warehouse which is most likely where most of these companies warehouse their product. In order to be ...more

Hey Man, thanks for the insight!



1/19/2018 4:27 AM

Acidreamer, glad your gaskets survived! Chains are a freakin' "Battering Ram" in a box when in transit.



1/19/2018 5:22 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/19/2018 5:23 AM

I wish I would have taken a picture of my box from works connection. They did a fanatic job of packing, box was appropriate size, big parts (clutch cover) on the bottom, small bits (axle blocks, oil plug, etc) all had individual "display" packaging and were put in their own bag to keep them from scattering inside the box. Everything was packed where there was limited movement. Motosport usually does a fair job of it too.


1/19/2018 9:04 PM

Dennis Kirk uses two trees worth of kraft paper to help out. RMATVMC does a good job most of the time.


1/20/2018 6:00 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/20/2018 6:01 AM

I prefer the paper over peanuts in both the warehouse and the packages that I receive.

A lot of times the amount and type of packaging material (dunnage) that is used comes down to how much the customers (think Motosport or RMATV) are willing to pay the warehouse for their use. Some customers pay for a lot of material and we give them their money's worth. Some are cheapskates and don't want to pay for extra material. Guess who's product has the least amount of returns and/or complaints?


1/20/2018 2:21 PM

Motosport, you order 3 bolts, it will come in 3 different big ass boxes full of puffy bags, from 3 different warehouses.