HELP - Correct Spring Rates

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11/19/2018 11:54 PM

Hi Guys, I have 2019 yz250f and weigh 220lbs or 100kg with my gear on, i'm struggling to find info on suspension set up and was hoping someone on here could help me out with the following;

1. at my weight will I require the bike to be re-sprung, im a mid pack c rider

2. Does it make a big difference to the bike when you get it re-sprung

3. Do you need to re-valve when you change the springs

4. what weight of rider are 250f generally designed for

Any help would be great smile


11/20/2018 2:24 AM

Hey Marty, for the best performance yes your bike should be reprung. Yes there will be a major difference with your weight from stock springs to the correct spring.

I believe the target 250f weight is 150-170lbs(correct me if I’m wrong).

As for a C rider, unless you are picky, start with the correct springs and sag. No need to revalved yet.

Ride the bike a nice 10 hours to break it in and adjust your clickers to help your comfort level.

Not sure if you’re into podcasts, but I recommend this podcast by Kris Keefer about adjusting suspension clickers:


11/20/2018 7:43 AM

@carlinojoevideo - that's great thanks for all the information