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8/18/2018 10:42 PM

Hi , was wondering if any one could shed some light on a project that im trying to do,
I have a 1978.5 Suzuki RM250C (plastic tank) model
I have a complete front end off of a 1989-90 RM 250 that I would like to put on the 78.5
I thought all I would have to do is get the mighty all balls bearing conversion and it would be ez pz, only now it looks like there isn`t one for the 90 rm250 triple clampand stem
.... , so Im thinking is there a triple clamp that I can get the all balls conversion bearing for, that would fit the forks from the 90 rm set up???
The lower clamp bore size is like 55 mm(not exact) and the upper is like 50mm (again not exact) or has any one ever tried to do this? or should i just get a different front end?