2017.5 Ktm 250sxf cam timing

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8/6/2018 12:06 PM

Alright guys I took the top end off my bike last week to check the top end and piston. On reinstallment I notice that when I put my cams back in and line the timing marks up everything is good, but when I put my tensioner back in and release it the marks are no longer lining up. Am I doing something wrong here? Any help would be appreciated


8/6/2018 12:17 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/6/2018 12:22 PM

Might be diff for a ktm, but on a kawi you line up the crank, tighten the exhaust side of the chain, put the exhaust cam in, then do the intake. If you dont pull the chain tight it might be off by a couple teeth.

If its still off youll need a new cam chain.