2015 YZ450F Chain Slide insert replacement/repair?

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8/5/2018 6:11 AM

Hey everyone,

Im not sure if its a insert that goes into the swing arm for the bolts of the chain slide but I had mine fall out. Just wondering if anyone has ever replaced that or knows what size insert to press into the swing arm.Below is a picture of the bolt im talking about.



8/5/2018 8:49 PM

After all my years of riding and racing....I had this exact same thing happen to my new 2018 YZ450F. Odd and puzzling scenario! Unfortunately, it’s just a 5mm bolt that holds on to about three threads of the aluminum swing arm. I first attempted to just clean the threads up and replace with OEM slider with some blue loctite. After a couple of motos I heard the chain slap and realized that the bolt was once again gone. This led me to tapping to a 6mm again using a OEM bolt from front fork guard where yet again the same thing happened. Now, on chain slider two and frustration of mid to end day moto bike failures I chose to get more aggressive. I installed an aluminum nut setter which is similar to a pop rivet. I installed this nut setter and used a collared aluminum bolt with loctite applied again. I’ve now ridden several motos with success and per my identification markings on the bolt/slider hasn’t budged. Looks factory and will be simple to change chain slider if/when needs replaced or upgraded. ??