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11/11/2017 5:25 PM


I'm on the hunt for a Reiger shock to my Kx125 -97.
Reiger shocks don't grow on trees ofcourse and theres not many used ones out there but I've found
one for a Kxf 250 -11 for $250 and wonder if it could fit with/without modification but that would still require the same distance from center to center and
roughly the same placement of the can. Anyone who got any clues? I'm ready to buy but I don't want to throw the money away!smile
Thanks alot!


11/12/2017 2:52 AM

Have you contacted Reiger already? has many used KX parts, or the biggest dirtbike Kawa dealer in the Netherlands
Or get in contact with ultimate suspension a former mechanic from Reiger with a lot of experience with specials.


11/30/2017 11:51 AM


Best way to get the right information is to get in touch with Reiger.
I know for a fact that Reiger is able to convert shocks to any desired length or mounting.
And maybe they even have a used shock for your bike, but I'm not sure.

Don't ask how I know wink