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Best Indoor Outdoor Laser Distance Measurer: Leica DISTO S901 Detailed Review

People rely on the outdoor distance measure devices due to their more accurate estimations than yardsticks, rulers, and traditional tape measurers. These tools have laser-based technology for measuring distances, lengths, volumes, heights, Pythagoras calculations, and many more. Hence, users can get the most precise outcomes in a breeze without using a calculator or manual operations. If you often have tasks that need various measurements, this tool can enable you to complete your projects in real-time without any risk of costly errors. This post includes the best-rated and most accurate indoor outdoor laser distance measurer available on the market today.

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How Do We Choose The Top Laser Measurer?

We do not pick any laser measure unless our experts recommend them. Yes, we have a team of experienced professionals who select the top models after comparing all essential features and reading customer feedback. If existing users highlight any problem, they skip the option for our valued readers. Therefore, seasoned users to beginner-level DIYers love our website and visit us to read real information regarding home improvement tools. Hence, you will find here the products worth investment.

Before running your time on other websites, read our comprehensive reviews to make a confident decision. Instead of writing promotional content about various laser measure models, we focus on the buyer reviews to provide you the truthful information.

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Leica DISTO S910- Best for Professionals

At first sight, the price tag of the Leica DISTO S910 may scare most of you. However, this cost respects the unique functionality it offers to its users. No other model has the same combination of versatility and convenience as this device. Hence, it will be enabling operators to complete their many days of tasks in a matter of hours. For instance, one can measure the heights within a few seconds without scrambling up ladders.

Why Do Experienced Professionals Love DISTO S910?

Real estate appraisers, architects, contractors, electricians, and everyone else who needs a reliable tool for taking accurate measurements love Leica DISTO S910. Below are some of the most dominant reasons that make it the most favorite of all people.

Long Range & Accurate Measurements:

Professionals love to buy the laser measure that helps them in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Leica DISTO S901 fulfills their needs with 984 feet range and 1/16 inches accuracy rate. Furthermore, the receiver lens connectivity makes it easy to detect laser dots indoor and outdoor at a very long distance. Hence, they like the Leica outdoor laser measure because of its long working range and high accuracy rate.

Point Finder Camera:

People love this feature more than all others because it enables them to see the target with ease. Furthermore, Four-X digital zoom and On-Screen CrossHair allow users to focus the point in a breeze. Hence, they can see the position of the laser dot that is impossible with naked eyes.

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Point-to-Point Measurements:

Leica DISTO S910 offers a P2P function to estimate the distance between any two points, no matter how far their target is from them. This feature enables users to locate the spots without moving the device. For instance, one can instantly calculate the distance between the ceiling and kitchen countertop when replacing the backsplash. Moreover, the Trapezium Function is also available on the best outdoor laser measure to find the total area and the slope whenever needed.

Complex Area Measurement:

This laser measure includes the Smart Area Measurement, which makes it stand apart from all available choices. With this function, professionals can instantly estimate the area of a complex shape. Hence, they do not have to take various measurements and use a calculator for accurate results.

Transfer Measurements into CAD:

Professional interior designers, architects, and real estate appraisers love the Leica DISTO S910 because of its measurements transferring into the CAD design software. Hence, they can quickly take estimations on images or the worksite. WLAN, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity support enable them to export DXF files straight into the designing software whenever they want. However, this outdoor laser tape measure offers memory for storing up to thirty images.

Why Is DISTO S910 A Top Laser Measure?

The following features make the Leica DISTO S910 a leading laser measure on the market.

Various Measurement Modes:

With the Leica DISTO S910, you will forget about the tiring and confusing manual measurement calculations. It includes many mathematical functions to make your projects easier than ever before. For instance, this outdoor laser distance measurer will enable you to add and subtract measurements at your fingertips. Furthermore, you can instantly estimate area, volume, height, diameter, Pythagoras measurements.

Versatile Model:

Furthermore, this Bluetooth laser measure will allow you to select the corresponding function and get the required results within a few seconds. It also includes 360-degree tilt and compass sensors to track heights and take precise indirect measurements. The Smart Area Function will enable you to capture the corners of polygon surfaces without any trouble. With the smart horizontal feature, you can shoot the laser over any obstacle. Therefore, you would not have to move heavy objects out of your way.

Display with Clear Readings:

The Leica DISTO S910 has a clear, large, and easy to read display for a perfect measuring experience. Furthermore, its touch-screen makes switching between the different functions a breeze. This feature will allow you to expand motion for precise point selection with a pinch. Hence, you will not have to waste time pressing buttons because all functions will be available on the screen.

Long Battery Life:

This laser measure includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can run up to eight hours. The manufacturer ensures that operators can take up to 4,000 measurements per charge. Hence, you will find this long distance laser measure an ideal partner on large-sized projects. Its battery will not run out of power when you need it the most at work.

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Long-Lasting Performance:

The DISTO S910 can work between -10 to 50-degree centigrade and has a robust IP54 rating to resist dust and splashes of water. Hence, it can withstand the hazardous conditions of your worksites.

All of these factors make it a top rated laser tape measure among all other available models.

Once reading this detailed review, you will agree that no other model can beat the Leica DISTO S910.


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