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7/5/2017 1:06 PM

Hi, a teen here looking for advice. As you may have guessed my wallet isn't too big and I'm looking to get a bigger bike.

I am fairly comfortable working on bikes, I go riding with my uncles and I'm looking to get something along the lines of a 125. My thinking was that I could possibly buy a frame for an 80cc bike and put a 125cc engine in it?

I know I would run into problems such as size but maybe a pit bike engine would fit considering there small size and Big output. Or on the other hand am I better off staying in the same make and for example buying say a kx80 frame and putting a kx125 engine into it?

Any feedback is appreciated.


7/6/2017 8:41 PM

Just save and get a 125. You will dump more money trying to get a motor to fit in a frame it wasnt meant for.