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Michael's Picks

ML's Take: How we all wish our work areas at home looked.


ML's Take: Get well soon Cade!


ML's Take: Congrats to Kyle Peters on another dominant Arenacross season. Four-for-four on championships, heading towards number five.


ML's Take: Would you buy a set?


ML's Take: Always wondered how the backside airbag would work. Yikes!


Lewis' Picks

Lewis' Take: Dylan Walsh had just got better suspension and stuff too... Steps were being made!


 Lewis' Take: Speaking of steps, this Beta is getting better. Oddly quiet about their USA program...


Lewis' Take: Whenever there is a clip of someone on this track, I'm stoked. What an unreal place.


Lewis' Take: Look how well attended the German national championship is. It's rather impressive.


Lewis' Take: This is one of Great Britain's brightest stars, if you want to follow that kind of stuff...


Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: Every year, some people fall for the April Fools jokes riders and publications post. Some definitely fell for Kevin Moranz’s post, but hey, he’s been making some nice improvements this year so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him on a team in the near future… Although it would probably not be Red Bull KTM. 


Grant's Take: Yikes. Phil Nicoletti has some absolutely horrible luck with injuries. Looking forward to seeing him healthy again and out there racing. 


Grant's Take: I see these posters pop up on my feed every week, and they’re sick. I wouldn’t mind buying one to hang in my office. 


Grant's Take: Nice, clean racing between these youngsters. 


Grant's Take: Congrats to the Martins! 


Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: Hunter Yoder has been a pleasant surprise this year. The kid has skills.


Jamie's Take: I’ve enjoyed watching Richard Taylor get better with each season. He’s a good kid and that FXR gear is fire!


Jamie's Take: I don’t know DeanO, those knees look okay to me.


Jamie's Take: I truly believe Enzo Lopes can get a podium before the season ends. I’m calling it in Glendale.


Jamie's Take: Logan Karnow has hired a riding coach to help get him to the next step. 

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