Vital MX Pit Bits: Spring Creek

Coty Schock and Tony Archer making the trek across the bridge that spans Spring Creek from the pits to the track.

On Friday we caught the Chaparral FXR Honda squad helping out Deven Raper, who had an errant fork lug bolt.

Now that's a cool setup for a pressure tank.

Cooper Webb's bike scores a new set of bar clamps and bars.

The sound when a ti nut is torqued against a ti axle is not pretty.

Travis Soules finishing up some safety wire on Joey Savatgy's bike.

Justin Barcia runs a larger tank on his GasGas...and he needs  it. There have been a couple Nationals so far this season where he might have run out of fuel if he hadn't been using the larger capacity tank.

Coty Schock was using a set of Bob Barnett's ARC front brake cylinder (above) and hydraulic clutch (below) on his Honda.


That gear? We'll call it spumoni.

Fredrik Noren also had some new FXR gear to show off.

Justin Barcia's marching orders for the day.

Silly season isn't just for riders. We've heard of a couple of veteran mechanics who have made the choice to step off the road for next season. Billy Hartle (above, who wrenches for Justin Barcia) will set up his own shop in Texas. Also, Brian Kranz (below) who has been Eli Tomac's longtime mechanic, will move to an in-house position at Kawasaki.


Millville has its share of characters.

The Whoop Monster was also handing out some awards to his favorite riders, both privateer (above), and factory (below).


Watching riders attack the wall jump was impressive in the roller section of the track. Those who could time it to jump over the top of the wall (rather than launching) were particularly fun to see.

Ready to hit the track.

That was the first sighting of a GasGas eMTB for us.

Roger DeCoster visits with Justin Barcia after his big 450 class win.


Roger wasn't Justin's only visitor. USADA was on hand to administer drug tests for several riders in each class.

We're guessing that trackside banners are not one of RJ Hampshire's favorite items at the moment. The was enough of the plastic stuck in his rear wheel that his mechanic just cut the chain when the bike got back to the pits.

Now that's some cool art.

This powerplant is the leader of the vet class.

Is that the other Ryan Hughes?

Brandon Hartranft and Dustin Pipes.

Cool trophies.

Ride the lightning with Jett.

Kenny suiting up to head out.

Ouch. That was the results of Ken's first moto crash. He stayed down for a while as he took inventory of the injuries. We were plenty happy to see him line up and win moto two.

Now that's a cool plate.

Anyone hungry?

You know how we can tell you we were in Minnesota without telling you?

Seeing Jeremy Martin win on home turf was cool. He was riding like a man with a point to prove.

We need to find out what's on Chase's pre-race playlist.

Some riders (like Dylan Ferrandis) eye up their starting gate picks like they're lining up a putt.

We're WOPR (Waiting On Press Release) about Adam's future participation this summer. We've heard rumors about him getting his off-season surgery sooner rather than later so that he can be healed up in time for SX. Will his moto one crash hasten that decision? We wouldn't be surprised.

Jordan Troxell dialing in Ken Roczen's gate.

Nope, no tear-offs for the trackside cameras. They get a more hands-on cleaning.

We're still waiting on that order of luck for RJ to show up from Amazon.

Yep, there is life after racing. Zach Commans is the most recent addition to Monster Energy Kawasaki's PR team.

Dean Wilson and Justin Bogle chatting before moto one .

Justin Barcia keeping his cool while lining up.

Eli and John Tomac after moto two.

Cooper Webb and Chase Sexton weren't the only ones living dangerously off of the Holy Schmitt.

Jeremy Martin headed off to Sampleville.

How about a couple quick style shots before we go? Cooper (above) and Kenny were getting twisted off the Chadapault.


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