Vital MX Pit Bits: Fox Raceway II

Sure, you've got cool memorabilia in your collection. But do you have an end-of-year autographed Ricky Carmichael jersey that you can whip out of your collection like Carole can?

Hey, wait, is that a new TLD helmet on Michael Mosiman?

Here's a closer peek at the new lid. Hmm...SE 4.99?

The green flames were a nice touch on the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Bell Helmets.

Hunter Lawrence busted out a new flavor of Alpinestars gear...with a matching custom-pianted helmet.

And Fox had some new duds for Jo Shimoda and Austin Forkner.

We were stoked to see Josh Varize get a fill-in ride with the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna crew. He said he was really impressed with where the bike just keeps pulling...and pulling...and pulling. Oh, and he also likes not having to work on his own bike. He brought his own suspension to the bike, rather than having to figure out the team's WP stuff.

Ah yeah...

Coty Schock's FXR glove drying rack.

Brett Stralo didn't make the cut to the motos, but if we understand right, he also had some broken ribs, and felt strongly enough about rocking the graphics on the bike (which also had the names of the 13 military members killed in the attack on the airport in Afghanistan) that he gave it a shot.

The Weege and Fro Show.

So what did Cooper Webb change on his bike that seems to have sparked some better results late in the season? As you can see here, he's running a stock frame that doesn't have the cross-brace between the lower engine cradles. You can see the difference on Marv's bike below. It's just a feel (and flex) thing for him, and at that level, comfort is key.

While he was still on the sidelines after his recent bout with Covid, it was cool to see that Marv has re-signed with KTM for another Supercross season.

Chance Hymas before the 250 amateurs hit the track for the West Edition of the Moto Scouting Combine.

Ivan Tedesco giving Ryder DiFrancesco some last-minute tips.

Pete Fox grabbing some photos of his new Renen gear on Ryder.

It was cool to see these guys getting tips from guys like Chad Reed, Broc Glover, and Buddy Antunez (who replaced Damon Bradshaw this week). It's also a good way to run them all through the race procedures and schedule that they'll face when they make the jump up to pro.

Like they did for the East Scouting Combine, Team Green brought out the team rig to support their riders. It was good to see veteran help like Daniel Castloo (and Jon Primo) wrenching for these guys.

Talon Hawkins lined up before moto one.

Ryder DiFrancesco grabbed the early lead and checked out.

Unfortunately, a bobble through this section late in moto one allowed Chance Hymas an opportunity to get by. Ryder came back in moto two to take the win...and overall.

Bobby Regan had a good feeling about how his day would go.

Look for Olly Stone to move from wrenching for Austin Forkner at Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki, to jump to the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GasGas Factory Racing rig and Justin Barcia.

Richard Sterling was already planning to move to KTM to help out with testing.

Jason Montoya started off the year with Malcolm Stewart, and then moved to Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GasGas Factory Racing to work with Pierce Brown. Look for him under the Monster Energy Kawasaki tent next year and paired up with Jason Anderson.

Renthal's Paul Perebijnos same out of wrenching retirement for the weekend, to help out Pulp MX's Steve Matthes, (who owned the bike), and Jace Kessler (below, who borrowed it from Steve).


Dutch rider Rick Elzinga normally races the EMX 250 class alongside GP weekends, and he got the opportunity to race here for the final two rounds of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series.

Rick is used to prepping his own gate at the GPs, and was one of the few (and maybe only) 250 guy to do that chore at Fox Raceway,

Rick showed some good speed, but partway through moto one his fuel cap vent tube started spraying fuel into his mouth...which caused him to get sick. He still wasn't feeling too well at the start of the second moto, but he gave it a shot and hung in their until he got sick again. He'll give it another shot at Hangtown.

Photog Mike Emery with his son.

It's easy to pick the Jo Shimoda fans out of the crowd.

David Vuillemin picked up a sweet souvenir of his racing days at Team Yamaha from a fan at Fox Raceway.

Dennis Stapleton had a funny Dennis The Menace-themed helmet for the weekend. Nope, that's not paint. Johnny Jelderda did the wrap graphics.

KTM (and Husqvarna) were showing off some of their sweet rally bikes at their respective tents.

Jay Burgess disconnecting the radiator fan battery after moto two.

Troy Lee loves a party...or being able to join in on the celebration when one of his riders is on the podium, like Michael Mosiman was there.

Share some champagne? Sure, why not?

Some for Jay, too.

It was good to see Derek Drake back in action.

Jett Lawrence had his own cheering section, courtesy of Red Bull.

Oof. You know that didn't feel good for Ty Masterpool (on the bottom of the pile), or RJ Hampshire. Also, check out Justin Cooper checking out where Jett Lawrence is.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna's Dave Feeney passed along a number one plate from Zach Osborne to Alex Campbell.

Every truck needs to be broken in with a number one plate, and Dylan Ferrandis provided the first to the new Yamaha Truck. Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing came a long way in a year with the 450 program.

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