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Check out the latest and greatest from the paddock for our last stop in Anaheim! There's so much new gear and boots, another 125 joins the field, and more!

We're in Anaheim again for our third and last visit of the season, along with our last SoCal round before we head deep East. For the sixth round of the season we mostly dove into new gear, boots, and other cool goodies from a look factor. Enjoy and his us with any questions. Next week will be the first East coast round with more new 250 teams and bikes to check out!

Jerry Robin's look of the week! LA Lakers for the final SoCal round.

Is this the best one yet from SKDA?

We think so.

Carson Mumford had his latest project bike on display. Keep an eye on his YouTube channel for a video on it soon.

 It's boot time, as there's quite a few new sets floating around out there. Here's Webb's latest set.

Back view.

Personal touches.

Hunter Lawrence had a wildly customized set of Tech 10s to match his one-off gear for the weekend (you'll see farther down).

Chase Sexton also has a new vented pair to match more of A-Stars creative ideas.

Michael J Kicks (check him out on Instagram), custom painted this set for Cheyenne Harmon.

Back view.

And here's Michael's latest creation with David Pulley!

Do we all agree that this is the best looking Rockstar Husqvarna FC 250 yet?


We see more and more models that FMF is switching their new Megabomb design over to.

A little better look at the upcoming WP XACT Pro shock. 250 class suspension rules have us scratching our all suspension components in this class are homologated and supposed to be available to the public. But after contacting a few WP centers, this shock isn't available still and we weren't given an ETA of when they would be purchasable.

Like the 450s, the Rockstar Husky 250 of Jalek Swoll has a sealed off airbox in comparison to the KTM model.

While the sideplate venting is hard to miss, this little additional airflow is stashed on the top of the left hand panel.

More air!

Manual cam chain tensioner aboard the Factory Husqvarna.

That's TIGHT.

Chase Sexton has been running the X-Trig ROCS clamps for multiple rounds know but...

Ken Roczen has joined the party! Oddly enough, Roczen was the one who pushed to test these clamps back in off-season but was the later of the two to adopt them into his racing program.

Look familiar? Korsace went for a Bud Light KTM throwback theme.

We likey.

As we previewed last week, the Motul/AJE GasGas team is rocking a one-off livery in honor of their title sponsor's (Motul) relationship with the Pfaff Porsche team. One of the most dominate team's in the IMSA sports car series, having just won the 24 hours of Daytona.

The Pfaff theme.

Fastest suspension tuner out there? Well, Colton Faccioti may have to throw his name in the hat but Chris Blose is definitely in the running. Having a long-time relationship with Race Tech, Blose is getting ready for the next step after his racing career by opening up his own RT center. Being based out of the Phoenix, Arizona area, the Fenix name is quite fitting. Good luck Chris! By the way, you're HUUGGGEEEE. (There's only about four people that will get this joke...)

Chance Blackburn was running a set of WP forks with KYB spring inserts...

While the rest of the AJE team is on WP 48mm XACT Pro forks with Race Tech tuning and a mid-speed valve in place of this fork's usual cone valve.

Marvin Musquin looking frisky in practice.

Colby Copp has really improved this season and has a unique feature on his bike.

Mitas tires! The brand is currently in a development deal with the TPJ program, growing their presence in the pits, and learning the needs of Supercross. More brands the better!

Welp...that didn't go to plan...

Fans in the pits at Supercross? Well when it's dry as hell and over 90 degrees in the winter known as Southern California, they have appeared!

With the current AMA rules banning action cameras from being helmet mounted, teams and riders have gotten a bit more creative on placements. Here's Moranz's new home for content creation.

And his mechanic is well equipped for vlog content!

Jason Anderson rocking a new A-Stars kit this weekend. Who else is loving the refreshed El Hombre at Kawi?

Josh Hill ended his season early tonight and took an ambulance ride out of the stadium during the first qualifying session.

Update on Josh Hill from social media.

Supercross is hard on clutches, period.

Some riders can go through a clutch in practice, again in the heat race, and another in the main event. While you'd think this would be more of a 250 problem, some top 450 guys are very guilty of demo-ing a clutch on demand.

Considering how precise these guys have to be in Supercross, consistent clutch feel is VERY important. With the bigger budget teams, it's not a big deal to just keep throwing new ones in...

Little measurement note that Olly Stone has placed on Barcia's metal plates in this pack.

With no official breast cancer awareness race, Justin Starling took it upon himself to participate regardless.

With Valentine's day just around the corner, the Next Level team was quite thoughtful and handed out some roses in the pits.

How do "we" feel about the teal seat?

The FXR crew always has funny surprises...

Coolest toolbox lid?

The Solitaire crew had another one-off look this weekend featuring the Motul crew! Red, white, and blue always looks good!

Another 125 in Supercross? This one is courtesy of Patrick Evans and the crew from ERA...who put this machine together in less than two weeks to go racing.

This was a used and abused GasGas MC 125 just 14 days ago...

Same engine package as found on Gared Steinke's 125, courtesy of Haeseker.

Mmmmm, titanium...

Kyle Chisholm had a new title sponsor for the weekend with Action Sports Canopy.

 Hmmm...someone has been modifying their A-Star Tech 10s. Removing the block system for more movement.

Evans not only has one trick 125 to race but a unique lid to go with it.

Dragon Energy is from South Africa and Evans is one of two non-local athletes they're currently working with.

Little J-Law throwback for those that remember.

Not sure on this part.

Chase Sexton's latest lid to go with his unique kit for the evening.

WP on a Kawasaki? Blasphemy! Not exactly. In Europe, a few Kawasaki teams have worked with WP now and the Revo team has a great relationship with the brand from when they were a Husky support team.

Modified stock upper engine mounts with a FCP lower engine mount.

Luke Boyk, who handles the suspension department at Pro Circuit these days, was a WP tech prior to his PC gig. He was actually in charge of the suspension program for the TLD team for many years. This made him the perfect person for the Revo team to reach out to for some help with Supercross settings as Luke has the SX WP knowledge and the info on the Kawasakis to make it all work together.

Now that's colorful!

Ken Roczen always racks up his gear and lets it air out after each session.

Ken Roczen looking for some good vibes and good times...

Fellow Aussie and motorsports icon Daniel Ricciardo is known as the "Honey Badger", so now Hunter Lawrence is the "Hunter Badger"

 All Laughs, All Day...All Ways?

Marketing! Go R-Jerky, go!

The FXR/Muc-Off/Club MX team has their East coast bikes loaded up already.

How do we feel about this teal seat cover?...

I feel this...See ya next week!

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