Vital MX Pit Bits: 2022 Fox Raceway 2 National

Check out the latest goodies from on the track and around the pits at the final Pro Motocross race of the season at Fox Raceway 2.

The #101 is pretty iconic. Hopefully we're just trimming tow numbers off that for next year...

Eli Tomac will rock the #101, Justin Cooper #102, and Chase Sexton #103.

Nearly every factory bike is rocking a fan this weekend due to the heat. Even teams like Star that we rarely see utilize one.

D'Cor dialed in the US theme for the Star crew.

Eli was rocking a Monster modified version of his new signature Eagle Bell Moto 10 helmet.

Back view of his new lid.

Caption this.

J-Coop rocking the #102 during practice this morning.

The Star Racing Yamaha crew has ran KYB's PSF1 air forks since 2013, but put a little reminder back on this weekend with the PSF logos from Enzo.

The Star team made their own mounts for the Steg Pegz to better integrate.

Star Yamaha goes hard.

Haiden Deegan is back at what used to be his home track for his second ever Pro National. His bike looks to be an amateur bike chassis with a pro spec motor installed.

We're not crying, you're crying. Dean Wilson will race one more season in 2023 before retiring, but it will be indoors only.


A few weeks back, the Husqvarna MXGP and MX2 teams ran an old school white theme with blue and yellow accents for the brand's home GP in Sweden. For the final Pro Motocross race of the season, the US team went with a similar look. WE LOVE THE WHITE FRAME!

The Rockstar logos don't make for as clean as a look as we saw on the MXGP team...but still, it's pretty awesome.

Another look.

The team even changed the accent color on quite a few of their hard parts.

Hubs and sprockets as well.

Deano's final round helmet.


Big moment for Star and Yamaha! Winning the last three 450 titles available, back-to-back.

Congrats Jelly!

People can complain about the missing five minutes from each moto but it was hot...even for Tomac.

In these moments, you grow the most.


Still friends.

Back-to-back for HRC! Next year we'll see the #18 on a 450 come the first outdoor national.

Let 'er rip.

Stock clamps back on the ClubMX machines...

The TLD crew was down to two riders for the final round.

We hadn't noticed this a few weeks back but Pierce Brown hasn't been using the 52mm WP Cone Valve forks. Instead opting for the consumer 48mm version and the consumer version of the Power Parts triple clamps.

Side view of the 48mms.

Side view of the 52mms on Barcia's machine.

Staying cool was the name of the game at Fox 2.

What are those!? Well, those are deionized filters for a washing system. Most of the teams have them stashed somewhere on their trucks or trailers and it allows them to have soft water when washing the semis.

What ya looking at their Tony?

Fox Bomber boots that have been modified a bit for the mechanics to use on the gate.

Jacob Martin went at it with Hammaker's frame for the final round.

Gotta keep that front brake on point.

All the PC machines were equipped with fans for the final round.

What's the plugs for? The PC guys can add air to their forks or add a data acquisition sensor.

Blank forks? We came up just short of the fork stickers being applied.

But like his mullet rocking teammate, Marvin Musquin chose to run the production AER 48mm air fork.

GPs sensor for the 2D data system.

PowerParts clamps equipped.

Production fork lugs.

The crew from Motorex have a new bike polish, oddly named MS-1...hmmm...

Big signing, new wrench under the KTM tent...

The Red Bull KTM crew dialed in their tent with some misters this weekend! Definitely jealous.

These colors don't run! See you all at MXdN.

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