Vital MX GP Bits: 2022 MXGP of Germany

Check out the latest in the GP Bits from Germany!

After six, long months...Romain Febvre finally made his return to racing.

We love the expanding race trailer that the MXGP Kawasaki team uses.

To outsiders, it just looks like the KRT team of the past but the Kawasaki MXGP team is all-new this year and operated by IceeOne Racing. Which is owned by former Formula 1 driver, Kimi Raikonen.

Unlike the US side, the MXGP team does use a radiator fan and a different radiator.

Footpegs appear to be from Raptor and with a CRM skidplate.

The team works with Showa for Febvre's machine, while his teammate Ben Watson has been paired with KYB components.

Little hydro protection for Febvre's machine.

The Factory Kawi team in MXGP before IceOne ran these same redirectors. We're not sure how big of a difference these make but they must do some decent work to counteract adding the weight.

Mmmm...CRM Karbotank.

While the US team has gone to an oil cooler that is built into the left radiator, the MXGP team is sticking with a completely separate oil cooler system on the right side of the machine.

Showa BFRC shocks have been more common in the GP scene for over the past ten years, while the US side it has come and gone a few times.

HAAN hubs instead of KHI factory hubs. Note the little zip ties to keep the spokes from flying out if damaged.

The MXGP team also uses the older factory Kawi Nissin caliper, instead of the smaller billet unit we see on the US team.

The Pro Circuit head pipe spec is also different for MXGP, being a little bit longer before the main resonance chamber, along with a secondary resonance in the headpipe bend.

Full waffles for Febvre.

Most carbon shroud extenders are to keep the shrouds from entering the boots in deep corners. This set on Febvre's machine look to be in place to keep some debris from falling into the top of the radiator, scoop air in differently, and possibly give the rider's boot a place to rest in deep conditions.

Very sano.

New Just1 J21 lid.

Red Bull lids are the best, period.

No matter which side of the pond it is, the GasGas teams look top notch.

Now that's a big pit board...

Wonder when our sport will just go to radio communication?

Could Everts make a move to Yamaha? There's small rumblings...

The Acerbis crew equipped Liam Everts Diga KTM with some of their new Metallica plastic.

Do you dig it?

With Liam being on the outgoing generation bike, his shock is also the outgoing factory design.

Engines come directly form Austria through the factory racing program.

Biggggg fork tubes.

Kay de Wolf returned to racing at the MXGP of Germany, but it started out rough with a big wreck.

JWR is a Swedish based Honda team owned by Johan Westermark.

The HGS exhaust and Suter slipper clutch aren't common items by US standards.

Ohlins has always had a consistent presence in MXGP, probably helps that the JWR team is also Swedish like the brand itself.

Do you like the look of HGS exhausts?

At first glance, we thought this was a Moto Master caliper but it turns out the line, caliper, pads, and rotor are all supplied by Gold Fren.

The rigs in the MXGP series are laid out a bit differently, with many having bike storage stashed underneath.

Tiga rocking the same kit as Ken Roczen did over the weeekend. Two Honda wins, two Fox wins, same kit. Pretty cool!

This jump at Teutschenthal has become legendary.



How is this flagger so calm!?

The name Rick Elzinga ring a bell? Yup, he's the Dutchman that raced a US National last year.

Scott has a pretty cool activation and hospitality rig at the MXGPs.

It also provides a great place for Scott athletes to sign some autographs.

See ya next week!

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