View From The Floor: Wild In Texas 1

This year's visit to Arlington provided a wild start to the 250 East series, some WTF moments, and a bit of settling down in the 450 class. Let's take a look.

View From The Floor: Wild In Texas

In keeping with the theme so far this season (win or crash), Eli Tomac grabbed another relatively easy win here. He was fast all day, jumped out front early, and motored away. Watching him in action is a thing of beauty...when it's working right.

A happy Eli is amazingly quick. Where he does get frustrated is when people question his commitment, heart, etc., in the press conferences. It makes for some occasionally uncomfortable moments.

At this point in the season, with his shoulder feeling better, and everything clicking, there's not much reason to think that anyone else out thee has anything for Eli. It's just unfortunate that he's in such a points hole. Watching him reel off a string of wins here is not out of the question.

Marvin Musquin sure looks a lot more like his usual self again, scoring a second here. Unfortunately, on the down side, we've lost like four guys (Roczen, Bogle, Grant, and Barcia) to injuries over the last couple of weeks. There's no doubt that the season's a grind...and meat grinder. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory.

Jason Anderson finished off the podium for the second straight race, but despite finishing fourth, with Justin Barcia's injury and DNQ, he still added to his points lead. Here he lines up a pass on Cole Seely late in the main.

We haven't heard the final tally on his hand injury, but it sucked seeing Justin Barcia get landed on after he had to double a triple. Here he's going elbow-to-elbow with a frisky Vince Friese during the heat race.

Going to AT&T Stadium every year is a bit like going to the Taj Mahal of Supercross...but we're also looking forward to the visit to the all-new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Cole Seely is now second in the title chase, 36 points back of Jason Anderson. Patience and consistency is a virtue.

Maybe the biggest WTF moment of the night was the start of the 250 Main. A tangle with Martin Davalos and Josh Osby resulted in several of the top contenders (Davalos, Jordon Smith, Jeremy Martin, Austin Forkner and more) going down hard. We haven't seen a crash like that in a while, and would be happy if we don't again anytime soon.

Martin Davalos likely got the worst of this deal, getting shot like a rocket across the front of the pack, where he got run over, and thoroughly abused. Here's hoping he and the rest of the riders are okay.

From one extreme to another...maybe the coolest moment of the night? Watching Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Mitch Payton and the rest of his family watch as Tanner Payton participated in the KTM Junior Supercross Challenge.

Results aren't always the primary focus of the KJSC, but Tanner did run as high as third before a bobble dropped him to eighth. It was cool to see him get a high five from Mitch afterwards.

What's going on here? It's an AMA official confirming that the riders are lined up in the center of the pads, and at a 90 degree angle to it. There's a hard metal bar down the center of each pad, and the goal is to keep everyone spaced evenly...and with a consistent start pad.

The second set of whoops, along with the corner after it, was one of the best places to set up a pass. Here, Marvin Musquin and Cooper Webb drag race to the corner.

Cooper was fast in the first in the races here, and scored his best finish of the season (sixth) here. Yeah, there's been some attrition in the 450 ranks, but he's been looking better.

Vince Friese led part of the first 450 heat, before eventually finishing fourth.

Weston Peick won the first 450 heat, which featured three different leaders (Friese, Bowers, and Peick).

Blake Baggett continued his roll, with his third consecutive third-place finish. The first set of whoops were awkward, with an angled entry, and a hard rut on the first one. That led to some creative moments.

Malcolm Stewart was 11th, and Tyler Bowers finished in 16th. We dig the Seven gear, and the new Gaerne boots on these two.

Broc Tickle bounced back to ninth after going down in the second turn. He hasn't shown his full potential this season. Durability is one facet of that.

If you look at shots of the first turn, and realize that Zach Osborne is midpack at best, and then check out the results (where he finished first), it doesn't quite all compute. But smart riding, some luck, and a lot of skill are a potent combo. He's off to a good start on his title defense.

Dylan Ferrandis was one of the guys who got torpedoed in the first turn at the start of the 250 main. Expect better results than the 18th he carded in Arlington in the coming races.

Zach Osborne hits the scrub button as he works to make a pass on Colt Nichols. Zach was third on the first lap, dropped to fifth after a quick tipover, and methodically picked his way to the front after that.

Colt Nichols only got back on the bike a few short weeks before Arlington after suffering a broken humerus during the off-season. While they were in there, they also did a bit of a shoulder rebuild, and Colt was hoping for maybe a top ten in Arlington. He'll take the second-place that he earned.

Sean Cantrell was in second for the first seven laps, and was giving some very quick riders (like Zach Osborne, for example) the business.

Unfortunately, while drag racing down this whoop section next to Colt Nichols, Sean got too close to the Tuf-Blox, and went for a wild ride. Look for some good stuff from Sean during his rookie season.

Cameron McAdoo and Kyle Peters all tangled up in the a corner on Saturday night. Cameron's got the tough way to go to get around Kyle after he remounted.

After he had the fastest times in practice, Martin Davalos looked like he might be the guy to beat in Arlington. Unfortunately a large portion of the pack had a chance to beat on him, as he got run over, hit, and generally beat up by the pack in the first turn crash. Here's hoping he's all good and ready for Tampa.

Austin Forkner was another victim of the first turn carnage. While we got a few answers about the speed of the 250 East guys, we left feeling like there's more unknown than known. We'll should have a better idea of where everyone stacks up after next week in Tampa.

RJ Hampshire had some highs (leading over half of the 250 main), and in the shot below from his heat race, where he tucked the front end.

This might have been the craziest moment of the night. Jon Ames got bumped off the course as he exited the corner before the finish line in his heat race. Unfortunately, that put him right in the path of Chaz Braden, who was WFO as he came across the start straight. After their collision, Braden was laying in a crumpled heap, while Ames was pinned and waiting for help to get extricated from the tangled bikes. Not good. Both eventually left the infield upright, though it was also the end of the night for both. Let's be careful out there, gang.

Jimmy DeCotis was pumped (and we were pumped for him) as he scored his first-ever Supercross podium finish.

That's it for this week. Be sure to stop in for action from Tampa.

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