View From The Floor: The Fat Lady Is Warming Up 1

Cooper Webb is closing in on the 450 title, and there was plenty of 250 drama in New Jersey.

View From The Floor: The Fat Lady Is Warming Up

Martin Davalos hit a milestone last weekend, with 100 starts. We've been watching him in action since his amateur days on a Suzuki.

Mitchell Oldenburg had a great night in East Rutherford, with a win in his heat race, and a (spoiler alert) second in the 250 main. Check out the post-race chat with him by clicking the audio below.

Chase Sexton and Austin Forkner doing a little rubbing on the outside, while Kyle Peters sneaks around the inside of the first turn at the start of the second 250 heat.

Chase Sexton worked his way to the front of the second 250 heat, which he won.

The entertainment started early. It was fun to watch Eli Tomac and Justin Bogle duking it out at the front of this heat race.

Double-duty. On the clock, and enjoying the action.

Justin Bogle's heat race win (after passing Eli Tomac) was pretty impressive.

Zach Osborne grabbed a couple great starts, and had a shot at winning his first 450 Supercross main. Afterwards, he told us that he was riding a completely different setup from what he's been using. Click the play button below to hear him talk about his night.

Alex Ray had a tough 450 main, and you can hear him talk about it below. (We had he and Kyle Chisholm interview each other.)

Kyle Chisholm started his 100th 450 main on Saturday night. That's some durability right there.

Marvin Musquin grabbed the win in the second 450 heat race. That's not shocking. What was shocking about this one was that he celebrated with a stylish whip and not a heel-clicker.

Oh, man, there's not much worse than crashing out of the lead in an LCQ. Steven Clarke knows that pain.

Austin Forkner getting some pre-race encouragement from his girlfriend, Rylee Jean Kirk.

With the top two riders in the 250 East leading the way into the first turn, you expected a good main.

Alex Martin had other ideas, though. He snuck around the inside of the first turn, and led the way early on.

A pair of crashes put a big damper on Alex Martin's evening.

Things were looking good for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki duo early in the race, but shortly after this, Forkner landed into the face of a jump, and his knee couldn't take the strain. He pulled up, and it was clear that he was in a lot of pain.

That's a lot of pain and frustration all mixed up in one place. Austin Forkner had an amazing season along with the most wins. Before Nashville, it looked like he'd cruise to the 250 East title, but unless something miraculous happens, he won't make it to the end of the season.

When Martin Davalos bobbled, the Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha duo of Justin Cooper and Mitchell Oldenburg were there to take advantage. Actually, Oldenburg got by both of them at about the same time.

When things are going your way, they seem to really be going your way. In addition to Austin Forkner's troubles, Chase Sexton dodged a bullet when John Short went down in front of him.

The struggle is real. Wrestling a bike back up after a crash late in the main is no fun.

The number one was for Chase's first win, but next week it could also be for the 1E. He's got a nine-point advantage heading into the Las Vegas finale.

Before the gate dropped GuyB turned to another photographer and said, "The holeshot will go to whoever goes the slowest around the first turn." Osborne and Tomac got to the turn first, but it was Webb leading the way out of it.

This was about the point where you could stick a fork in Marvin Musquin's chance at the 450 title. He got run over, but remounted, and put in a heck of a charge to get back to fifth.

If you think Cooper was going to just run away with this one, think again. He'd been suffering from the flu and a sinus infection, and wasn't at 100%.

The battle between Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb was entertaining...until Webb made a few mistakes and Eli got away. But then Eli made one of his own in the whoops, and dropped back in the pack.

With the sizable points lead, and only two rounds left, did anyone else expect to see this kind of charge from Webb? We'll admit, we didn't. After the battle with Tomac, he retook the least until Zach Osborne got by. Then Zach made a mistake of his own (along with a remarkable save), and Cooper took over the lead for good.

Blake Baggett had a shot here, but a quick crash didn't help.

That's win number seven on the season for Webb.

Zach kept it close, but he couldn't quite catch his training partner, and had to settle for second.

Daniel Blair... "Pssst, hey Cooper. This may come as a surprise, but you're pretty much a lock to take this year's 450 Supercross title next week."

Blake doing his post-race download with the Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/KTM/WPS squad.

No, this isn't another one of those Rockstar social media posts. This is what happens when the Monster badge on your trophy falls off, and you have a chance to replace it with your own sponsor's logo. Nice job, Zach.

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