View From The Floor: Paris Supercross Night One

It's world tour time for the SX off-season, and this weekend the action is at the granddaddy of European SX events, the Paris Supercross.

View From The Floor: Paris Supercross Night One

Ah yeah, we love the color and sound of the opening ceremonies in Paris. Despite a national strike that hampered travel on highways, the fans turned out in force.

Justin Hill had the fastest time in Superpole qualifying, just edging out Dylan Ferrandis. He was fifth in the first final, had lever adjustment problems in the second, and was seventh in the final frame.

Ready to get the night's action started? Good! First up was the first of three SX2 main events. They were running four-wide through the first turn, with (from left to right) Valentin Guillod (92), Brian Moreau (225), visiting American Jace Owen (5), and Arnaud Aubin (14).

Jace Owen got by his Bud Racing teammate for the lead.

Jace Owen took the win in this one.

Vince Friese grabbed the early lead in the first 450 race of the night. This one ran in a triple crown format, so the results of all three mains were combined for the overall. We liked this setup better than some of the previous year's formats, which were a bit confusing, and there were some races that you kind of scratched your head and wondered what they were for. Oh yeah, Jason Anderson got by Vince for the win in this one.

Weston Peick was second in the first heat, and fourth in the second. Unfortunately, that was the highlight of his night...but more on that later.

That looks like Nicolas Texier and David Rinaldo doubling up during the freestyle action.

One of the things that make this race fun is that there's always something going on. Yep, the ever-present pompoms were back.

Hey, look who we ran into? Dianna Dahlgren was hanging out and doing some announcing.

There was also a Neken-sponsored footrace. That dude with the glasses is already WFO.

Lorenzo Camporese (384) grabbed the start in this one, but he was quickly gobbled up by the pack.

Blastoff. Though there were some last-minute additions to the rider roster (Peick and Hill) due to the knee injury for Marvin Musquin, this was a solid lineup of riders.

All eyes on Dylan Ferrandis. Zach Osborne kept the pressure on him, but Dylan hung on for the win in the second SX2 main.

Talk about hooked up. Jason Anderson was third in this one.

David Vuillemin signaling Dylan Ferrandis that he has one lap to go. Well, it could also be his finishing position, too.

Yep, Dylan Ferrandis was suitably pumped to win one in front of the home fans.

Brian Moreau had a cool addition to his name for this weekend.

Adrien Escoffier grabbed the holeshot in the final SX2 race.

Thomas Do finished fourth overall on the night in SX2, and he leads the French Championship point standings.

After a long recovery from injuries, it's good to see Jace Owen back at speed.

It was a U.S. 1-3 in the SX2 final, with Cameron McAdoo and Jace Owen.

Jace Owen grabbed the overall win, Adrien Escoffier was second, and Cameron McAdoo was third.

David Rinaldo's kiss of death front flip (gulp) won him best trick honors. Think about that one for a second. Yeah, it's nuts to see.

This guy cruising around the Paris La Defense Arena on a jetpack was pretty freaking cool. He came out during opening ceremonies, and also did a flight along with the final freestyle session. This would be one thing you definitely wouldn't want to whiskey throttle.

Blasting off the line for the final race of the night, the pack heads for the first turn. Unfortunately, Weston Peick went down hard, and was transported to a Paris hospital. We'll update you when we hear more about his condition.

Zach Osborne grabbed the early lead in the last final of the night, which he held for the first four laps before Jason Anderson got by.

Amazingly, Vince Friese didn't crash here. He'd stiffened up the front end for the whoops, but said that made the front end knife a bit. He was fourth overall on night one.

Justin Brayton has been wrestling with illness, including a bout of pneumonia in Australia. He said last week while he was wrapping up the Aussie SX title, he couldn't even speak. This week he's better, and improved throughout the night with a 9-6-3 tally.

Jason Anderson's 1-3-1 score was good for the overall on night one in Paris.

A crash in the final race of the night dropped Dylan Ferrandis from second to tenth, but he battled back to fourth at the checkers.

Jordi Tixier was sixth overall on the night, and the second French rider (behind Ferrandis). He was fifth in the final Sprint.

Jason's win streak continues, following his win last weekend in Australia.

High fives after the race between El Hombre, and Zacho.

Jason Anderson leads the way in the race for the King of Paris, followed by Zach Osborne, and Dylan Ferrandis. Now it's on to day two. Check back for more action.

Zach's still learning what the 450 likes (like a lot less sag than he was used to running on his 250), and after the podium wrapped up he was out with his Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna crew describing what it was doing through the whoops. They'd already plugged in changes for Sunday by the time they'd left the track for the night. Learning is what the pre-season races are all about for some guys. Well, that, and some extra cash.

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