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Here's the last you'll hear about the '18 Supercross season. Now bring on the outdoors!

450 Class

Eli Tomac (1st)

"Our starts were on point all day," said Tomac. "I feel good about how we rode throughout the day and finished out here, especially with the challenging track. We ended the season on the podium and healthy so I'm happy with our results and ready to suit up to take on the outdoors!"

Marvin Musquin (2nd)

"I knew it was going to be a tough Main Event. It's Vegas, it's hard and slippery. My start in the Main Event was awesome but Eli was a little bit better and we were first and second right away. My goal was to keep charging and keep pushing. We both made mistakes and we pushed hard. I made a mistake with the lappers in the rhythm before the finish and definitely lost the connect with Eli and after that, the gap stayed the same. I gave my best, and on a track like that, I improved so much from last year and I'm really proud about it."

Blake Baggett (3rd)

"It was a good race," said Baggett. "I had good starts all night, and with the track being difficult, it helped being at the front. I'm happy with how I rode and to end the season on the podium."

Christian Craig (4th)

"Today started off pretty good. I felt comfortable on the bike right away, which I think showed throughout the entire day and night. I just had a good flow and was feeling relaxed. After qualifying seventh during the day, I went into the night just wanting to put in a solid result to finish the season on a high note. The heat race went pretty good; I felt like I put in some good laps to finish fourth. In the main, I actually picked the first gate on the inside. I don't know why I'm confident there, but I always find myself picking one of those tight inside gates and seem to get good starts. I came off to a fourth-place start, sticking myself in behind [Blake] Baggett, and just clicked off my laps. I just put in my laps, rode consistent, and tied my best finish with another fourth. I'm really happy. There's a lot more left in me and I feel like I have some podiums in me, so there's a lot of confidence heading to outdoors."

Jason Anderson (5th, and 450 Supercross Champion)

"Today was really stressful, but I feel like I handled it really well and came out with the championship," Anderson said. "I'm so excited. We put our whole lives into this, we've been riding dirtbikes for so long and to win this championship, me and my team, it's the most surreal moment of my life up to this point."

Benny Bloss (6th)

"I had a great night," said Bloss. "Tonight, I showed my speed and that I belong up at the front. It felt great to put in my best ride of the season here at the last round to end the supercross season on a positive."

Weston Peick (7th)

"The result wasn't what I was looking for. After finishing inside the top five several times this year, I wanted to end the series on a high note. I was slightly off timing during the start and had to work my way forward. It wasn't easy to pass on the track, but I made it happen. I'm excited to finish the series in sixth, walk away healthy, and move on to the outdoors." 

Justin Barcia (9th)

"The day was going really good, we made some really good changes to the bike and I was really happy. I was running towards the front throughout timed qualifying, but had a little excursion in the heat race. I went into the Main Event without the greatest gate pick so it kind of set me up for a tough situation but I felt like I could make it work. I just didn't come out with a good start. I charged through the pack a bit but I got a little bit tight in the beginning and the end of the race. It's super disappointing for me because the bike was so good. I've felt like we can get on the podium all season but I haven't performed the way I know I should.

All-in-all, I'm glad to come out of this Supercross season on some positive notes. The beginning of the season went great, the middle of the season, obviously, I got hurt but then I came back and put in some solid rides. Not the podiums I wanted, but all-in-all I'm super happy with the Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing Team and I'm really looking forward to the outdoor series. I believe we have a good bike that can win races and be in the title hunt outdoors, just like it could have been in Supercross as well."

Malcolm Stewart (13th)

"The goal was to end the Supercross series with another top ten finish. I was feeling good on the track, which had some really high-speed sections. I crashed while running third in my heat race. It took the wind out of my sails. Anyway, I'm thankful for the Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team for giving me the opportunity in Supercross. It has been fun."

Josh Hill (19th)

"It was good to be out here in Vegas again and be racing in front of this crowd. I didn't have the results that I wanted and what I feel like I was capable of. I struggled with all the flat-landing jumps, my body just wasn't able to take it lap in and lap out.

All-in-all this was one of the most fun experiences of my life and I'm so thankful that Yamaha let me come back and do some races on the team that I started my career with and rekindle that friendship and passion for the brand Yamaha that I had growing up my whole life. I just can't thank them enough, it's been an awesome opportunity."

Tyler Bowers (20th)

"I came out tonight feeling really good after my results in qualifying and the heat race," said Bowers. "I definitely didn't want the night to end this way, but I had fun out on the track today and put it all out there knowing this was my last race of the season. It's a bummer to see it come to a close. I really enjoyed filling in as I continued to progress with the Monster Energy Kawasaki crew and wish it kept going all year. I look forward to what's next and I am so grateful for all of the support from the team."

250 Class

Adam Cianciarulo (1st)

"This win feels so good and I felt great on the track all day," said Cianciarulo. "It's been a struggle all year, especially racing with an injury the entire time but I really put it all out there tonight and rode like I didn't have anything to lose. I'm glad I could end the season on top of the podium with a win for me and my team."

Jordon Smith (2nd)

"We had a little bit of a slow start to the season, but really put in a charge in the end and finishing strong is how I wanted to remember it," said Smith. "I felt really good tonight and it helped when I came out fifth after the start. The track had slick spots and you had to be on it the whole race to make sure you didn't make a mistake that would cost you. It's great to bring home second in the championship, I just wish we were a little closer coming in to put up a fight tonight."

Shane McElrath (3rd)

"The west coast had some stiff competition so to come out with two wins and two more podium finishes is a good feeling," said McElrath. "I'm thankful we are heading into outdoors healthy and it's time to see what we can do this summer. Every year I want to look back and see that there have been improvements made. I know I still have room to grow, but overall we had a good season."

Joey Savatgy (4th)

"It's been a good season," said Savatgy. "Obviously we went out there to win tonight so these weren't exactly the results we were hoping for, but I'm happy for my teammate and proud of what me and my team have achieved this season."

Jeremy Martin (5th)

"Felt solid all day in Vegas on the GEICO Honda," said Martin. "Had a good flow going all day and a great start in the East versus West Showdown. But I was too nice in the main behind Shane. I should have tried to force it, but I unfortunately fell into his pace which allowed the guys behind me to catch up and make some moves on me. Still, we had a solid ending to the supercross season—got some wins and momentum going for a few weeks and that felt good. Looking forward to next year's supercross season and working on a few weaknesses so we can win the title next year!"

Chase Sexton (6th)

"Practice was pretty good for me, qualified fourth, but I never really felt the flow on the track," said Sexton. "It was muddy but then got really dry. But coming into the heat race the track looked much better! Heat race had a good jump off the start but got swallowed up and came out way back. My riding was good and I tried to make passes as fast as I could, got back up to eighth. That gave me 15th gate pick in the main event, but luckily there were some good gates open still and I managed to pull a good start around sixth. Got into a good flow in the beginning of the race but I lost it midway through. I wanted to get to the front, but I lost the back of Savagty. Just didn't have the intensity I needed all the way through! Came out sixth for the night and was able to get rookie of the year which was awesome! Overall, I'm happy with my season and I'm ready to come back and go for the title next season! Bring on the outdoors!"

Zach Osborne (7th, and 250 East Champion)

"This year has been tough for me. I've had to fight every inch for this championship," Osborne said. "Jordon and the rest of the guys rode really awesome this whole season and gave me a heck of a challenge. This was the hardest one so far, I would say, but it's amazing to be a three-time champion."

Aaron Plessinger (8th, and 250 West Champion)

"It was a crazy race, I got off to a mid-pack start and battled with a few guys and when I was right behind Osborne I knew I had the championship wrapped up so I stayed there and tried to stay consistent and not go down. I had one sketchy moment and I backed it down after that.

It honestly doesn't even feel real. I don't know what to say. It was a gnarly race and gnarly season. We're number one baby, it's a dream come true!"

Hayden Mellross (10th)

"Ending the season with a Top 10 is huge for me," said Mellross. "I really liked the track today and felt like I was on it during practice and qualifying. Chiz and I put the 51FIFTY Energy Drink Yamaha YZ's back to back in qualifying and the Heat which was super cool and I was able to come through the pack pretty well in the Main. I knew I had to be up there to get the Top 10 overall in points so I kept my head down and kept charging. Another solid year with the team and happy to end it on a high note."

Sean Cantrell (11th)

"It's been a huge learning year and to have some solid showings at the final rounds makes me optimistic for the future," said Cantrell. "Each week I've tried to make sure I was moving forward and these final few races felt like that overall. I'm ready to tackle my second season of outdoors and try to get some career-best finishes."

Michael Mosiman (12th)

"My rookie season has come to a close!" Mosiman said. "It was a good day. I really felt good, I kind of got into my flow and started playing with the bike and moving things around and it was good to find some consistency."

Kyle Chisholm (13th)

"There's a lot of positives to take away from tonight," Chisholm said after the race. "I qualified really well and kept that momentum going in the Heat Races as well. In the Main I felt like I was riding great, making passes on some fast guys, but unfortunately got taken out there in the last corner. I guess that's racing, and I'm glad it didn't put me out of the series points. This is my second season back on the 250 and I'm stoked to finish out the year in 7th. Big thanks to the 51FIFTY Energy Drink Yamaha Team and all of those who make it possible."

Justin Hill (15th)

"I'm not going to lie, Las Vegas was a rough one. I wanted to end my 250 Supercross career with a bang, but it just didn't happen. That's racing. I'm looking forward to hopping on the Suzuki RM-Z450 next season and seeing what I can do." 

Mitchell Harrison (17th)

"Tonight's finish definitely wasn't what we were looking for to end the season, but I feel like I was riding well all night," Harrison said. "I'm happy to end the season healthy."

Kyle Peters (18th)

"Racing with a bum knee wasn't the best situation, but after Foxborough I knew that anything is possible. My goal was to secure sixth place in the 250 East standings, and I accomplished that. This week I'll have surgery to repair my knee in preparation for the 2019 season. Thanks to the Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Teams for their hard work and dedication!"

Phil Nicoletti (DNQ)

"It was a disappointing day, to say the least. I'm not happy with how things worked out, because I put in the effort during the week to finish inside the top five. We'll just have to regroup and get ready for the start of the outdoors." 

Team Personnel

Erik Kehoe (Team Honda HRC Team Manager)

"Tonight was a great way for Christian to gain confidence and momentum before transitioning to outdoors. After his fourth in Daytona, he had a string of bad races so he kind of started to lose some faith in his ability to be up there, but to get a fourth last weekend and then to back it up again here, is huge from him. I think he was just putting too much pressure on himself before, so this weekend he was more settled down. Obviously, the season was tough overall with both of our main riders getting injured, but bringing Christian in and him performing how he did, really helped turn the season around. I'm proud of his efforts for us and am looking forward to motocross."

Rich Simmons (Mechanic for Christian Craig)

"I think ending the season with another fourth is great. Today's fourth was a lot easier than last week's—at least for me. Last week he struggled throughout the day, crashing almost each time he was on the track, so I had a lot of extra work. This week was good. He rode solid, putting in good laps during qualifying, finishing solid in his heat, and putting together an impressive main event. His lap times started to taper off toward the end, but he did a good job regrouping and lowering them back down, especially in the last five laps. The conditions were tough out there. I think to back it up from last week is good for us, but really good for him heading to outdoors, giving him some momentum and confidence. In terms of the bike, he was really happy. We mellowed out the power because the conditions were so slick, then dialed in the balance for him. We raised the rear to get the traction he wanted, but we didn't adjust must more than that."

Jeremy Albrecht (Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Manager

"This was the most difficult Supercross race of the whole series. Thankfully, Peick rode well and served as the bright spot in an otherwise forgettable night. Weston tried as hard as he could to come back and make up spots, which he was able to take advantage with really good whoop speed. Stewart had a good heat race going, but crashed on the last lap and got banged up. He rode hard in the main event, and his result isn't indicative of his effort. I am thankful to have worked with Malcolm during the Supercross series. He won't be racing the Nationals for the Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team, but we're providing him with a Suzuki RM-Z450 for the summer."

"As for our 250 program, Kyle Peters fought extremely hard. Despite a torn-up knee, he was able to run a fast pace. He dabbed his foot one time and hurt his knee, but he battled through the pain to finish sixth overall in the series. Justin Hill seemed off all day long and couldn't get going. Poor Phil Nicoletti was a victim of poor circumstances and came out on the losing end. That's how racing goes sometimes."

Jim Perry (Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing Team Manager)

"We ended the Supercross season with a disappointing result. Justin Barcia rode well throughout the day. He made improvements in practice and then in the heat race he got a great start and looked like his old self but he went off the track early on, was shuffled back and had to work his way up to qualify for the Main Event. Justin suffered a poor start just inside the top-ten in the Main Event and he rode well, but just not good enough to work his way to the podium."

"Josh Hill struggled all day, it seemed like his ankle was very sore with the big flat landings that the Vegas track brought to us. Josh was off the pace in the Main Event after going to the LCQ to gain a transfer position into the main."


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