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450 Class

Eli Tomac (1st)

"We got it done tonight," said Tomac. "The track was tough and technical but I tried remaining patient and just get it done for all of us. It's been a long day for the team but we're out here to win so that's what we did. It was definitely a great way to finish off the night."

Jason Anderson (2nd)

"This was kind of a crazy day," said Anderson. "I was able to come away with a second today, despite a small mistake in the second main event. I still extended my points lead so I can't complain. I'll try and keep the ball rolling and get some podiums from here on out."

Marvin Musquin (3rd)

That was a tough one to start the night off with seventh place in the first Main Event. I wasn't feeling good out there and not riding like myself but we got a lot better for the second Main. I proved that I was better because of the riding – I had a lot more intensity and I was able to get a win on the second one, so that was amazing and good for everybody. Going into the third, I wanted to do the same but unfortunately the start wasn't there. I was able to make up a lot of ground and come back to second place, which is good. I'm really happy with the riding and getting on the podium considering my first terrible main."

Justin Barcia (5th)

"It was my first race back from my injury and I feel like I made good progress all day. I was a little stiff in the morning, the intensity was pretty high off the bat like it always is but that's why I felt like I needed to come back because it's hard to get that type of intensity at home. The track changed a lot during practice and I struggled a little but I kept my head screwed on straight and we made a few changes to the bike but it was awesome all day. The second Main was the toughest for me, I got pretty tight from using the muscles that I haven't used in a while so I ended up getting a little arm pump but we were able to come back in the last Main and finish strong with fourth. It was a mentally tough day, it was super challenging and my body was tired for sure but we ended up finishing out on a positive note. I think it was great that I came back at this race in Minneapolis and I really look forward to next weekend in Foxborough."

Weston Peick (6th)

"I had an awesome night going in Minneapolis for the final Triple Crown round of the series. I went 5-3-11 for sixth overall. I was running third in the final main, but had an unfortunate crash that put me back. I'm looking forward to some more fun battles next weekend in Foxborough. Special thanks to my team. I want to finish off the series strong."

Tyler Bowers (7th)

"These Triple Crown events are fun and intense at the same time," said Bowers. "I'm proud of our progress and consistency. Having the support of this team has made such a difference and I'm so grateful for them, especially on long, hard days like these."

Blake Baggett (8th)

"I am happy with how I rode tonight," said Baggett. "My starts were there all night, and I had the track dialed. It was unfortunate I had an issue in the last race as we were in contention for a top five tonight. I'm looking forward to bouncing back next weekend in Foxboro."

Christian Craig (9th)

"Tonight was tough, honestly. All day I struggled with my breathing and I'm not sure why because this hasn't happened to me before. I was able to put a fast time down for practice, qualifying fourth. In the main events, I struggled and kept having to remind myself to breath, which was spiking my heart rate. I almost felt like my body was shutting down. The first race was the worst after my crash. I got better with it through the night, luckily, but still nowhere near happy. I was able to push through my own battles and finish ninth overall. It's been a hard couple weekends but I'll get through it. I'm going to focus on a lot of things this week and come back fresh next weekend in Foxboro."

Dean Wilson (10th)

"The triple crown is tricky," said Wilson. "I had a decent start in the third moto and was riding sixth, but got connected with another rider and went down. I worked my way back up and ended up 10th overall on the night. I'm going to keep charging."

Malcolm Stewart (14th)

"The bright spot was qualifying second fastest. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. I felt flat when the night show came around. I had several crashes and didn't help myself any. There are three rounds to go, and I'm excited to move forward and make a big impact in this series."

Cooper Webb (22nd)

"I'm extremely bummed about the outcome in Minneapolis, especially after the momentum we had coming into the weekend. Right off the start of the first Main Event I was involved with some carnage in the rhythm section and I ended up getting landed on. As of right now, it looks like a fractured tibia but I have an appointment with an orthopedic specialist on Monday to see the final word. Thank you to my sponsors and everyone in my corner, I'll be back soon."

Adam Enticknap (DNQ)

"That definitely was not the result we were looking for," said a disappointed Enticknap. "We got a great start and were already in a transfer position. I was battling with A-Ray and looking to go for the win but just cased that last jump and that was it."

Colton Aeck (DNQ)

"It's been a crazy two weeks!" said Aeck. "Last week we survived the torrential downpour in Seattle and this week it was the blizzard in Minnesota. While we didn't get into the main, we still had a blast. It's been rad in Minnesota but I'm hoping for more normal conditions when we go to Foxborough."

250 Class

Jeremy Martin (1st)

"Yeah, for sure. I was pretty excited obviously that I wo the home race," said Martin. "To win in front of the hometown crowd, I was kind of going a little nuts after the race. It's an opportunity of a lifetime to be able to race here, and to get the win was unreal. I wear earplugs when I moto, so I could hear them [the crowd] through the earplugs and over my dirt bike, so I was like, my God, it was loud."

Zach Osborne (2nd)

"All in all it was a pretty good night," said Osborne. "I was fastest in all three sessions and came into the night show feeling really good. I got a bad start in the first main event, but turned it around in the second main event with a win. I got off to a good start in the last main event, went back to fourth, then had to work my way up. I gained some points, and I'm really happy with the way I'm riding."

Jordon Smith (3rd)

“Tonight was really great for me and I felt like I rode to my full potential,” said Smith. “It’s definitely a lot of points between us and first (12 points), but it’s nice to know we are putting the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM team in a good spot with two rounds to go. I’m glad the Triple Crown races are over, but they were fun and provided something different for the fans.”

Sean Cantrell (4th)

“Getting that breakthrough race feels amazing,” said Cantrell. “I remember how disappointed I was after the last race because I felt like everything was going against me and tonight it seemed like we did it right. I’m so thankful to the whole team for their support and getting me to this point. I’d love to get another top five before the end of the season.”

Austin Forkner (10th, and a broken collarbone)

"I wish things went differently but injuries have been brutal this season," said Forkner. "I've gone through them before and know I can come back strong on the other side of this."

Michael Mosiman (11th)

"My day started off well," said Mosiman. "I've been learning a lot this week. The practices went well and I felt good on the bike. I got off to a good start in the first main event and made it up to seventh. I got an even better start in the second main event and was running fifth. I had a big crash and ended up spraining my foot. I raced the third main event but rode a little tentative. It's a lot better to leave here racing all three motos. Overall I built some confidence and I'm looking forward to the next round."

Kyle Peters (22nd)

"I'm extremely bummed about Minneapolis. I was riding well in the opening qualifying session and establishing a good flow on the track. Then, without warning, I crashed in the ice and snow on the way to the final qualifying session and injured my knee. I tried to suit up and race, but the pain was too much. Hopefully I receive good news about my condition and can line up for Foxborough this weekend." 

Team Personnel

Jim Perry (Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing Team Manager)

"The Monster Energy/Yamaha Factory Racing Team started out the night with both riders, Cooper Webb and Justin Barcia, returning for the third and final Triple Crown event, but we had our ups and downs. It was great to have Barcia back, he started the day little rusty in practice but made improvements throughout the day and ultimately rounded out the top-five in his first race back. The downside was at the start of the first Main Event, Webb crashed on the first rhythm section and injured his lower right leg. He was taken to the Alpinestar Medical Unit where he underwent evaluation and was finished for the night. He travelled back to North Carolina and will have further evaluation with his personal doctors. We're looking forward to Foxborough next weekend and hoping that Cooper Webb will be able to make a return."

Erik Kehoe (Team Honda HRC Team Manager)

"Christian rode really tight tonight and we're not sure why. He was having a hard time getting his breathing dialed and under control, so he struggled a bit, especially in the opening race. He did ride really well in the second race though, when he got behind a group of guys and kind of fell into their pace and rhythm. Unfortunately, he went down briefly a little bit later and lost his rhythm. By the time the last race came around, I think he was a little discouraged, but he still rode solid despite that and finished seventh. A top 10 is something Christian can learn and build from in the final few supercross races this season."

Rich Simmons (Mechanic for Christian Craig)

"There were positives and negatives to take away from today. Christian was happy with his bike setup all day and was able to break back into the top 10 overall, so that's good. He struggled with a few things though, in terms of his breathing and making a few mistakes, which cost him positions. I know he wants to get back to where he was when he first jumped on the bike, so he's got three more supercross races to do that."

Jeremy Albrecht (Autotrader/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing Team Manager)

"Peick rode great in the night program. He had an awesome day. He crashed twice in the final main event, but dug deep to finish 11th. It was great seeing Peick's effort on Saturday. As for Stewart, he was feeling tired and not riding like himself in the night show. He qualified well, but he didn't have any energy when it really counted. He crashed in the opening main, which seemed to take the wind out of his sails. The Triple Crown format doesn't suit him, as there's not much of a break in between the races."

"Peters crashed on the way to the stadium for the final qualifying session. He hit a patch of ice and went down. He got tangled up in the bike and suffered a knee injury. Peters will visit the doctor early this week, get an MRI, and see what's going on. He was in too much pain to race the night program." 

"The Triple Crown format is tough on the mechanics. Conversely, the format creates good racing. I would like the Triple Crown format more if Feld Motor Sports made all three main events the same length as the opening race. As for the weather, Minneapolis had way more snow than Indianapolis did a few weeks ago. It's crazy how much snow fell!"

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