The secret of RXR Protect protection devices is...AIR! RXR claims that their air-filled protector absorbs five times more energy than hard-plastic and ten times more than foam-based protection devices. (Click any photo in the article for a larger version.)

The entire motocross safety gear market has really stepped it up this past year, with some innovative products designed to make our sport safer. That’s definitely good news…and necessary. In the pro ranks, some of the injuries we’ve seen recently have gone beyond the typical sprains, strains and fractures, to spooky stuff like bruised internal organs. Just like always, it’s not the speed, it’s the sudden stop…

RXR Protect is a new company that was started by David Schuller two years ago. Previously, David had been involved in MX for quite a while, first as a mechanic; and later as the owner of Jet Moto Evasion, a large dealership in France. It’s interesting that a couple of these innovative new items like the Leatt-Brace (South Africa) and the new RXR chest protectors (France) have origins outside the U.S. RXR has recently moved from its home in France to Morocco, due to government funding, a strong workforce, close proximity to Europe, and a small but growing moto scene.


Inflating or deflating is extremely simple with the easy access air valves.

David began RXR after seeing a few nasty injuries resulting from roost deflectors breaking, including a close relative who’d became paraplegic after a piece of plastic severed his spine. That prompted him to start looking for something different than the old school roost deflector technology, and looking at different absorption/protection solutions.

Working with designer Patrick Naveau, David worked with some European MX and Enduro riders to find the right combination of lightness, protection, and comfort during 2005 and 2006. What they came up with was their exclusive, patented, "Air Shock Absorber" technology. It works by having a multi-chamber bladder on the front and rear of the protector filled with air, and small passages between the sections. The passages slow the movement of air, similar to how an oil passage slows the flow of oil through a shock during compression and rebound. RXR claims that their product absorbs five times more energy than hard plastic and ten times more than foam-based protection devices.

RXR Protection Generator

Included with the RXR Chest Protector is "Protection Generator"€
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