Okay, all you deal hunters, it’s that time of the year again…rebate time! After the New Year the manufacturers get more serious about getting you on the new bike of your choice and offer up some great incentives to sway buyers. Suzuki has taken a bit of a different approach to this with the Yoshimura Performance Packages, available with the purchase of a new 2014 RM-Z450 or 2014 RM-Z250. Suzuki has offered up the more common rebate ($600 cash back) or the option to get some trick goodies for your new ride that are worth even more! Thanks to Suzuki’s great relationship with Yoshimura you can get your hands on two different packages to go along with that shiny new ride.
First up is a drool-worthy full carbon/titanium Rs-4 Yoshimura exhaust system ($995 retail).

Decisions, decisions, decisions... Ti or stainless?

The second package up for grabs nets you a Yoshimura RS-4 stainless/aluminum exhaust system with a carbon cap, which also includes a full Yoshimura race team-based graphics kit and Yoshimura hard parts kit. The hard parts kit is full of a bunch of trick anodized Yoshimura goodies including an oil filler plug, large and small ignition cover plugs, brake clevis, axle blocks and a steering stem nut. The stainless/aluminum exhaust ($695), Yoshimura graphics kit ($199), Yoshimura hard parts total ($203.70) for a $1077.70 grand total!

So now the decision, which to pick? Cash back, the trick lightweight exhaust, or the full factory treatment?

Here’s the complete package showing off the second option.

As you can see above, we opted for the factory treatment and gave our ’14 RM-Z450 test bike a factory replica look, we went this route since it offered a great combination of looks and performance. The full Yoshimura graphics kit left the bike feeling like it should be sitting under the team’s awning (sorry no mechanic included!), the kit is based heavily off the race team’s and even includes a set of number plate backgrounds. You can either order a set of backgrounds with numbers to match from N-style, or go the route we did and add some standard numbers to the backgrounds provided. The hard parts are not only appealing to the eye, they also serve a functional purpose. With axle blocks that allow a wider range of adjustment, easier-to-use oil filler plugs, and a brake clevis that’s easier to adjust and more secure then stock.

The anodized parts are not only there for the cool factor, but also serve a purpose, such as the stem nut being drilled for safety wire.

With Yoshimura’s close ties with Suzuki you know the RS-4 has a ton of development time, not only on the dyno, but also on the track day in and day out with their race team. This system not only looks good but also offers up a nice bump in power, giving the RMZ450’s calm stock powerplant a needed boost in bottom-to-mid power and a more free top end “over rev” that translates into a snappier but more usable powerband. This option is of course a bit heavier than the Ti/Carbon exhaust, but it’s also tougher in the long haul, plus the carbon fiber tip still gives it that “high end” feel to go along with the rest of the package.

Whether you want that factory look or the added performance, Suzuki has you covered. Note: The bike and gear combo looks great but is not guaranteed to make you faster… I tried…

Swinging your leg over a new stock bike is always a fun new experience, but after a ride or two you’re already staring at it asking yourself “What’s next?” This gives a great opportunity to jump past that and get your new bike hooked up with some great parts without breaking the bank. That leaves you to focus on other mods (such as suspension) or just enjoying your time at the track.

If you’re interested in full details around Suzuki Deal Days you can check out www.suzukicycles.com/offer.aspx or your local Suzuki dealership for more info. (Note: the RM-Z model info is listed under option 27 through 31 in the current offers section).

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