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ML's Picks

ML's Take: Best photo of the year!

ML's Take: Congrats on the career Dean Ferris!

ML's Take: Joey Savatgy doing it for the fans.

ML's Take: Drool...

ML's Take: GEEZUS!

ML's Take: Holy save!

Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: I haven’t seen footage of the incident, but Dylan Ferrandis’ explanation of the run in between him and Justin Barcia isn’t a good look for Barcia.

Grant's Take: You know a dude loves to race when he stays an extra day to race the amateur classes.  

Grant's Take: This year’s Team USA has me extremely excited for the Motocross of Nations. Definitely the best roster we’ve sent to the event in a while.

Grant's Take: James Stewart absolutely killed it in the mic this past weekend. Honestly, I think they should keep the co-host rotation going for next year.

Grant's Take: After moto one, some folks probably thought the title fight was essentially over. Chase said not so fast, though, and minimized the damage by winning moto two. Only on point separates Sexton and Tomac…

Grant's Take: Fingers crossed that Hammaker will return at Ironman.

Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: This may be my favorite photoshop this year! Who doesn’t want an ML action figure?

Jamie's Take: Travis Preston? You sure that’s not Travis Pastrana?

Jamie's Take: This could be me any day now!

Jamie's Take: And this is lost footage of “The Bradshaw Crash”.

Jamie's Take: Kourtney Lloyd could not have more love for her riders and friends than she does.

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