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ML's Picks

ML's Take: McGrath back at the Ranch and on Hondas!? Naw, it's just Chance Hymas. But the #2 on a HRC bike brings back some memories...


ML's Take: Rock, paper, scissors?

ML's Take: AFI and Mini Warriors vibes bringing me back to my childhood.

ML's Take: Ahh build days during the Nationals...I don't miss these from race team life.

ML's Take: Good luck to the Keefers at LL's!

ML's Take: Gotta love rig tours.

Grant's Picks

Grant's Take: Shane McElrath’s time as a fill-in rider for Rockstar Energy Husqvarna has come to an end. He had a pretty solid run as he finished inside the top 15 in every moto he lined up for. That’s about all you could wish for out of a fill-in rider.

Grant's Take: We always see some creative looking kids when Loretta’s rolls around. This rider is rocking the Team Fried branding.

Grant's Take: Some guys can never catch a break. Phil Nicoletti has suffered another injury.

Grant's Take: Throwing it back to when Austin Stroupe was the new kid on the block.

Grant's Take: I actually really dig this look. It would even look better if the Monster Energy claw was removed.

Grant's Take: No big deal, just Eli Tomac absolutely sending it.

Grant's Take: Media preparation for the World Supercross Championship has begun…

Jamie's Picks

Jamie's Take: What a perfect meme for this week! But what memories will be made!

Jamie's Take: When I decided to build my 20' X 30' shop, this is what I imagined it would look like inside.

Jamie's Take: Old Man knowledge is the best knowledge. Respect your elders, kiddos.

Jamie's Take: Next year just got a little more exciting.

Jamie's Take: A few more drills with ML and I'll be making vids like this.

Jamie's Take: Privateers just grinding for the love of it.

Jamie's Take: Honestly, it's Billy Idol. I watched this a few times.

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