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Ping's Picks

Ping's take: Namaste

Grant's Picks

Grant's take: Ken Roczen is built about as tough as they come. 

Grant's take: Metty is a legend down here in the USA, but he’s also a bit of a legend up in Canada. Always loved watching videos of him ripping it up there. 

Grant's take: Here’s to hoping Jordon has a solid year after the last several have not gone his way. 

Grant's take: I’m a sucker for onboard videos. Could watch them for hours. 

Grant's take: Predictions for Malcolm Stewart on his new ride? 

Grant's take: My goodness, that #1 sure does look good on Herlings’ bike. 

Grant's take: This looks absolutely exhilarating! 

ML's Picks

ML's take: Really, really want a dirt track bike right now…SANTA!!!

ML's take: WHAT IN THE WORLD!? Ummm, I would’ve never expected this.

ML's take: Make sure you sign up for our 12 Days of MXmas contest everyday! We’re giving away a ton of cool goodies thanks to some great partners. Happy holidays!

ML's take: AMEN.

ML's take: Can’t wait to see what Josh Hill has been working on…looks like it took a toll on him though, ouch!

ML's take: Speaking of Hill, I just love watching him on anything two wheels. So impressive!

Resnick's Picks

Resnick's take: Josh Hill having some fun on the Stark VARG.

Resnick's take: Rain or shine, no days off for McAdoo.

Klinger's Picks

Klinger's take: So. Many. Backgrounds.

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