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Ping's Picks

Ping's take: I’m stoked for this guy to get in the mix.

Resnick's Picks

Resnick's take: Seely Speed Factory is onto something right here.

Resnick's take: Unfortunate to hear the news of both Martin brothers out with an injury.

Resnick's take: Just a walk in the park.

Resnick's take: Pretty cool trophy for the Champ.

Resnick's take: Wondering where Baggett went? He's enjoying Dad life!

GuyB's Picks

GuyB's take: Dang it! Get well soon!

GuyB's take: Whoa, that’s a crazy color. 

GuyB's take: That style… 

GuyB's take: Making the National tour ain’t easy.

GuyB's take: Man, the lengths we’ll go to keep riding. RJ has been dealing with this for a while. 

Grant's Picks

Grant's take: Pit bike racing is good until...

Grant's take: Bad crash for Alex, horrible weekend for the Martin Bros overall. 

Grant's take: Good to see Clement Desalle still racing!! 

Grant's take: Looks like Broc Tickle has picked up a gig as a Kawasaki test rider.

Grant's take: Ride along with Darian Sanayei. 

Grant's take: I’m hoping to see Justin Bogle in the top 10 soon! 

Klinger's Picks

Klinger's take: Congrats!

Klinger's take: Stank Dog with the skate park back flip. 

Klinger's take: No judgment, but no thank you. 

Klinger's take: Didn't know mountain bikers did this.

Klinger's take: Desert race bikes are always going to be some of my favs. 

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